Testimonials and Expressions of Appreciation for Douglas Newby

Here you will find warm expressions of appreciation for the successful work, empathetic efforts, and positive results generated for his clients and for Dallas.

Robert Wigley, the son of Florence Crespi, was the Trustee of the Crespi Estate and retained Douglas Newby to sell this property at 5555 Walnut Hill Lane.
Robert Wigley, the son of Florence Crespi, was a brilliant gentleman who retained Douglas Newby to sell the Crespi Estate in accordance with his mother’s wishes that it not be sold while she finished her life in the Crespi Estate home.

No other broker could have handled a transaction of this magnitude and complexity with as much grace, sensitivity and confidentiality.

Robert Wigley
Trustee of Crespi Estate
Former Vice Chairman E.F. Hutton

Until my retirement in 2019, I worked at WFAA TV. I now live in south Texas near my aging in-laws. I still love to view your website and read your comments. Without a doubt you are one of the true treasures of Dallas. I always learned more about the city, its history and culture from you than just about anyone else. Just a short hello to say keep up the magnificent work. 

John McCaa

A note of thanks for a most civilized experience … our recent home sale was conducted with such efficiency, discretion, and geniality that we know that our buyers were as pleased with the ease of the sale/purchase process as we. Your marketing of our home with such sensitivity to the particular merits of our property and of our neighborhood led to a surplus of potential buyers at the end — a very rewarding experience! In our 30 years of buying and selling homes in three states, never have we enjoyed such confidence in our realtor nor worried so little about the eventual successful outcome.
It is an additional satisfaction to know how well you have matched our beloved home with its new owners.

James and Patricia Shinn
Director of Dallas International Affairs
Turtle Creek Park Homeowner

Douglas, As usual, you knocked the ball out of the park with your excellent essay that appeared in today’s Sunday edition of The Dallas Morning News!

It was extremely well written and full of thoughtful and rational arguments. I especially loved your argument of questioning the wisdom in aspiring to be like other large American cities, many of which are falling into the disastrous consequences of their own doing. You are exactly right.

Well done, my friend. One thing that is very obvious in reading your very fine piece … your mental sharpness and economic acumen are as keen as ever. Your essay could not have been better!

Thanks again for your excellent article. It was a masterpiece! 

Mark Lovvorn

In another city and on a previous real estate transaction, I read a book on buying and selling a home called Lambs to the Slaughter.  This time, my spouse and I chose Doug Newby to serve as our agent.  He shepherded us through the hurdles with verve, firmness, and care. I would gladly seek his help again.

Dr. William May
Original Endowed Director of SMU Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility

I’m very appreciative of all the great work you’ve done for us over the years, starting with 5514 and ending with 4112 (so far … more to come). 

Nick McCune

Jan and I have bought and sold a lot of homes as we have moved around the country and you are the first realtor we have worked with that has actually marketed our home.

Robert Crandall
Former Chairman and CEO, American Airlines

We love working with you both — we never would have had the opportunity to buy this house without your insider intel on the street and you helped us through each part of the process. It is a joy to work with you. And while we are certainly out of the house market now, we look forward to continuing our friendship. And of course recommending you! 

Elise McDonald Willding

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for guiding us through such a great buying and selling experience…But most of all, thank you for becoming such good friends!

Scott and Tracy Bundy
Highland Park Home Seller and Home Buyer

As the buyer of this home, I can tell you all enthusiastically that Doug Newby is the Best Real Estate Broker on The Planet!

John A. Willding II

Doug sold us our first home. I have become more heavily involved with real estate over the years and no one has added close to the value Doug adds to a purchase or sale.

Carl Coscia

Just wanted to say thank you for everything.. .thank you for selling my house so quickly and for a price that reset the market in the area. You’re extraordinary at what you do and I feel honored to be one of the lucky ones to work with you. Thank you! 

Heidi Brunet

You did a miracle.  No one else could have done it.  None of the other top brokers thought this price was even possible.  Thank you so much for taking care of me and selling my home the way you did.  I am very grateful.

Dr. Albert Halff
Turtle Creek Park Homeowner
Founder of Halff Associates Engineering

After over 26 years in our home built in 1904, we have moved out to the country on adjoining property to Kim’s parents home, caring for elderly parents.  We had the best realtor in N East Alabama to help us sell our beautiful older home, but he wasn’t YOU.

Kim & Gwen Moore

Thank you, Doug! I still don’t think there is a house in Parker that has sold for more, thanks to you!  We have always been huge proponents of preserving the historical integrity of Dallas homes!

Gabrielle Nikolin

Many thanks to you for finding just the right folks for 4939.  Today was a high hurdle for us, and you helped us fly over it with grace and ease.  You rock, my friend!

Robin Ragin

Wow! We don’t know how to thank you both for making our first home experience so special!

You both exceeded our expectations of what we expected out of a realtor. We are very thankful and appreciative.

Amanda and Jesse Hibbard
University Park Home Buyer

Any man who comes up with the idea of “seasoning the timbers of a home with chamber music” cannot be left out! 

Phil Ritter

It has been a joy to work with you through this process and we have been in awe of your skills at every turn.

Many, many thanks, Doug.

Becky and Larry Sykes

Your knowledge of Howard Meyer, the noted architect who designed our house in 1940, combined with your understanding of the unique architectural features the house offered, enabled a focused and well-designed marketing campaign that resulted in a successful and timely sale. I am convinced your expertise in distinguished properties was of significant benefit to me and will be to your clients, as well. Accordingly, I would be pleased to recommend your services.

I look forward to speaking with you the next time I am in Dallas.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Dave Curran
Commercial Real Estate Broker, Memphis and Dallas
Owner of Architect-Designed Home

Dear Doug,

Where do I begin? I think the best way is to simply say thank you for making the purchase of our home a memorable and stress-free experience. We look forward to continuing our friendship.

With respect, love and sincerity

Allison and Barry

The services you provided Nancy and me in the sale of our home in Greenway Parks were exemplary. We received personalized service, architectural awareness, sophisticated advice, access to outstanding marketing materials and technology and, most important of all, friendship. In a world far too homogenized, Douglas, you are unique. You and your staff were professional, knowledgeable, prompt, considerate and thorough. Douglas, you have a unique perspective on Dallas architecture. We are so happy you represented us, every detail was considered and our sale was in the best possible hands. The marketing of our beautiful home was not quick or easy because of its location, but Douglas, you were steadfast, and in the end we received a very fair price. The only bad part about the transaction being closed was that we don’t’ have the opportunity to visit with you as often as we did.

David Fuller
Greenway Parks Mid Century Homeowner

Doug, I just came across and watched your TED SMU 2017 talk “Homes that Make Us Happy” (somehow I just found it now, 6 years after the actual talk…)  Still, you make points that are as valid today as they were 6 years ago – and will be 60 years from now.  So good to have you validate my hunch that good homes are not necessarily the large or expensive or new homes, but the ones where we feel good, where we feel comfortable, and at peace.  Kudos to you to keep drumming on the value of good design.

Eurico R. Francisco
LEED APArchitect
Urban Designer

Dear Douglas and Connie, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank you both for your amazing efforts and time in selling our home. It has been an extreme pleasure working with both of you and in the meanwhile furthering our friendship.

Megan and Bryan


Thank you for all that you did to make our dream home a reality. We will treasure this architectural gem in our very historic neighborhood for many, many years. We are grateful and now count you as a friend.

Julia and Stan

Thank you, Doug ….

… for your wonderful act in placing a vase of beautiful flowers on the podium for me last evening at the Hall of State. How typical of you to do such a nice thing!

Thank you also for being there to support the good work of the Dallas Historical Society.

With every good wish for continued success in the new year and beyond.



Thank you for helping us sell our house, for the great advice, and for seeing us over the finish line. We appreciate you!

Toni and Steve

Dear Doug and Connie,

Paul and I felt so very grateful for all you have done to make us feel welcome and find a beautiful family home in Dallas.  It is hard to imagine that all these months have passed and we are actually going to take this next, exciting step.  Thank you for making the process so enjoyable and the end result so perfect.

Beth Savoldelli
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Dear Doug,

Thank you for selling our home. We will always be grateful to you for your role in making our retirement dreams come true. All the best and many thanks.

Debbie and Joe

Douglas Newby is known for his broad knowledge of Dallas-area historic homes.

Steve Brown
Dallas Morning News Real Estate Editor

Thank you, Douglas.

I especially appreciate your words and your talk coming from you, as a real estate professional.

You are correct, so much of the market is driven by cost/SF, room count, features, that it misses the soul and spirit of a place.

Something that I love about the design process and especially with residential design, is the conversations become very intimate … describe family holidays, Friday evenings, Sunday mornings, after school, your bedtime routine, entertaining family, friends.

And there’s no better compliment than a text on a Friday midnight, “Our friends just left and the kitchen was magnificent…,” or a Sunday afternoon, “Just woke up from a nap and looking at our back garden through our beautiful windows, how special is this place you made for us.”

On your talk, I specifically appreciate that you painted the picture with words … not images. So powerful … and while I know some of the places you described, it’s magic to hear them come alive with language.

And the circumstance around the talk is funny (not funny) and ironic … a serious and passionate talk about not being superficial.

Thanks again for your commitment to our craft.

I’m in China these days, back and forth between Shenzhen and Shanghai, truly an amazing place.

Peter Brown
Peter Brown is an international architect who has designed and created strategies for spectacular projects around the world. He is equally sensitive to residential design. www.peterbrownarchitects.com

Douglas Newby I could write a novella extolling your virtues but I know you are a humble person at heart. Suffice it to say that you have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help with this process!

Michael Conrady

Ken just sent me your awesome Ted Talk. By accident Sharon and I followed your recommendations in designing and building our home on 73 acres. It made the cover of Luxe. We don’t care….we love it? Great talk….I told Ken you have been one of the most entertaining people I have known since meeting you. Congratulations on all of your success.

Larry Malcolmson

Wow! Great talk Douglas. And yes you have described my happy house which I will always be grateful that you helped find and negotiated to own!!

You are a darn good speaker!

Stephanie Al Otaiba

Douglas!!! I loved your talk! The camera really loves you!

What a great accomplishment… I’m so impressed by your talk, by your stage presence. It’s remarkable how well your generous spirit and good nature comes across just by virtue of being present on the stage. You wouldn’t have to speak a word to have that come through. It was really inspiring to see you on stage, sharing your mind.

Sending warmest regards and happiness.

Big Hugs and Gratitude,

Zoe Luhtala


Finally had a chance to watch your beautiful talk. Bravo! Such an important message and your story telling was very compelling.

Class act all the way.

I especially valued your insights about what makes us happy in a home. Such universal, human concepts. But, it takes a pro like you to synthesize them into insights that a layman like me can grasp.

I loved the way you described the woman who built a house on a ravine, where you enter through the roof.

You did a superb job, Doug.

How did it feel to deliver?

What feedback have you gotten?

Yes, I will be at TED this year. Hope we can sit down and catch up. Eager to hear about your year and your outlook for the coming year.

Andrea Kates

Okay, you are certifiably adorable!!!!! What a natural, comforting, wise, disarmingly charming and compelling storyteller you are. I am really, really, REALLY impressed! “Styles come and go but great design is forever.” “Good locations come and go but great sites are forever.” Amen! I love that you really challenge what “the best neighborhood” actually is. It’s not about money. It’s about what MAKES YOU HAPPY. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so proud of you!!!


Dearest Douglas,

We are so grateful to you for guiding us throughout the exciting process of buying a beautiful Highland Park estate home first and then trying to sell our old Highland Park one in record time. I know you have an eye for distinctive and unique homes given your endless appetite for architecture and cultural comprehension. But your deep understanding of human behavior and the art of negotiation is even more spectacular. You are a rare gem and I am so blessed to count you as a good friend.

Mrs. Scott
Highland Park Homeowner

Dear Doug:

Susan and I want to thank you for your warm, gracious and professional manner in handling the purchase of our new home.   You enabled us to enjoy what was otherwise an intense, compressed transaction and a month later, we remain very pleased and excited.  We look forward to moving into the home soon after completion of our remodeling efforts.

Doug, I thank you for your thoughtfulness and friendship and we would be pleased to recommend your services.

Susan and Tom Frymire
University Park Homeowners

I appreciate the good guidance that you gave Mom and Alan as they navigated the Dallas residential market.  Your advice was always spot on.  I was also impressed with the way that you handled the negotiation of the contract.

I know Mom and Alan have enjoyed getting to know you and Connie and genuinely appreciate you friendship.  The same goes for me as well.

Putt Fuller
University Park Homeowner

Hello, Doug:

It was good hearing from you after all these years.  Though time has passed, I will not forget that very strange couple and the circumstances surrounding the arrangement you and Milton managed over the Swiss Avenue Property.  Just remembered that you sold the Eisenberg home as well.  Much water has gone under the bridge since then.

I certainly appreciated hearing from you regarding the affordable housing forum on March 26th, but am disappointed you will not be able to attend.  You have expressed the view that I have had after serving on The Housing Finance Corporation and the Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board that there were thousands of home that were not livable but could be made so, and poor families and seniors who so desperately needed homestead makeovers, who loved their neighborhood and wished to stay but could not pass code enforcement for which there seemed to be no solutions.  At long last the problems of the homeless are being addressed but again their numbers are increasing faster than space allows, as the economy falters, job losses multiply and mortgage defaults mushroom.

The tear downs are happening with such speed, while alternative housing availability is languishing.  Presently I serve on the Vickery Meadow Tif and I see first hand the need to rebuild but not at the expense of the underserved.  The best time to create and plan and design and act is when it appears that activity is at a standstill.  We’re taking advantage of that lull.

Oftentimes the most successful movements begin with the faith community.  This seemed the moment and Temple Emanu-El agreed, to bring congregants of many faiths together along with the experts in all facets of the housing industry.  I appreciate your suggestion as to the development of a database of properties and think that would be a great first assignment for one of the working groups that could result from this forum.  I wouldn’t be surprised that there already is a database but probably needs updating.

With your permission I would like to count on you, your expertise and experience to be part of a team of real estate professionals that we can defer to and who will help us revitalize Dallas, and strengthen the neighborhood concept where families know, care about, and help each other.

Beverly Tobian
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Doug –

I enjoyed yesterday’s talk and hope you will come back to the Dallas Woman’s Club.  I learned so much about Dallas architecture and you opened my eyes and got me thinking.

Maria Niemi

Fantastic – thanks for all your help on this, Doug!  Definitely not the best time or the easiest house to sell, but I think the buyers will be very happy.

John Lindgren
Munger Place Homeowner

Can you Believe it?!  Doug, you can sell anything, even in a buyers market with obstinate sellers!  I may be in Dallas later this summer, will let you know if plans cement.  THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL!  Off to chill some champagne!

Crickett Lindgren
Munger Place Homeowner

Doug.  We are always so happy to act as a reference for you. You have both been so good to us.

Mary Newton
University Park Homeowner

Thank you Doug. You are more artist than real estate agent.  To every degree possible, you create and orchestrate and convey architecture as art for your clients.

Peter Ferris
Turtle Creek Park Homeowner

I appreciate you and your friendship, dear friend.

Theodore H. Strauss
Preston Hollow Homeowner


To the Broker of architecture, you always clean up the confusion among us real estate mortals.  As always, you needlessly went beyond reasonable measures to get the Newby result.  For that we will always be grateful and proud to count you as our friend.  We want you to come visit us.

Dan Cook
Swiss Avenue Homeowner

I wanted to again say thanks for the work you put in helping us find our first home.  I think that without your advice, experience and hard work our process would have been at best, much more difficult, and at worst, unnavigable.

Jay Conklin


Thank you to you and Connie for making our first home buying experience so great.  We love our house and neighborhood.  We are very happy with our choice and truly feel like we’re making a good investment.  We will invite you over for dinner….but, please, stop by anytime.  We would love to see you!

Faye and Carl Coscia
Brookside Estates Homeowner

Dear Doug,

As the year comes to a close, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on the many things for which I am thankful.  In doing so, I realized I was remiss in formally thanking you for a multitude of generous and gracious gestures.  Where do I begin?  Your counsel, professionalism, and patience were invaluable during our short but tiring home quest.  Obviously, your efforts paid off in our happiness and we can’t thank you enough….It will be impossible for us to ever reciprocate but we wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us as well as being a great friend.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.


Dear Allen:

You were kind enough to take out time to give me a thorough assessment of using Doug Newby as a realtor.  After your kind words we engaged Douglas to sell our home.

Dealing with Douglas in the selling of our home was one of the most positive business experiences that my wife and I have had.  He was absolutely the right person to sell our home.  He represented our every interest and was a pleasure to deal with. Douglas is the perfect salesman of unique properties that are architecturally and/or historically significant.

Thank you again for helping lead us to the perfect professional to sell our home.  We closed on that sale two weeks ago receiving our full asking price.

George Watson
Preston Hollow Homeowner


Jan and I were delighted to learn that you have won an award for the marketing job you did on Park Lane.  We thought you did a fine job, and I am glad others recognized it as well….We had two great weeks of sailing in the Caribbean Christmas and New Year.  Would love to break bread with you, and will call if we are going to be in town.

Bob Crandall
American Airlines CEO
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Dear Doug,

This letter is to thank you for being a very critical part of a team that did a phenomenal job of helping us through a very difficult time.  You, our CPA and our financial advisor are a group to be reckoned with!  I can’t imagine a better partnership.

You were invaluable to our daughter with sound advice on the best action for her to take – even though it cost you an immediate listing.  Not everyone would do that.  In fact, I am afraid not many would.  You delayed your potential sale because it was better for Ginger.  I really do appreciate that.

When we did get to the point that a sale was appropriate, you maneuvered it through the maize in an absolutely amazing manner.  You condensed what could be, and usually is, a many days or weeks long effort into a very few days.  We were amazed by your skill and wisdom.

I am so glad we chose you – although nothing else was ever a consideration.  I am so glad we followed your advice.  I am so glad you are so wise and experienced.  I am so glad it is all done!!!

Thank you, Doug.

Harryette Ehrhardt
Swiss Avenue Homeowner
State Representative


GREAT SHOW you put on last night! An elegant, informative, magical evening.  I think the buzzing in the crowd – and the looks on their faces as they walked around in sheer amazement – proved there is much interest in seeing Dallas’ TRULY special houses.

Kudos to you.  You should be very, very proud.

Rob Brinkley
Award-Winning Editor

Dear Mr. Newby,

I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into selling Jim’s house.  I will always be grateful.

Mina Jacobs
University Park Homeowner

Douglas Newby has as an artist’s way of looking at the world and a businessman’s way of representing his clients.

Connie Harkins
Real Estate Broker

Thank you, Doug for the major contribution you made getting us to close.  You masterfully handled a very difficult buyer.

Dan Krausse
North Dallas Owner of Frank Welch-Designed Home

Dear Doug,

It is my belief the re-zoning of Old East Dallas, conducted under your direction when you were chair of the Physical Development Committee of the East Dallas Design Committee (EDDC) was one of the most significant things in the preservation of our part of town.

It is hard for me to imagine anyone but you having had the time, energy and drive that monumental effort required.

Virginia McAlester
Founder of Preservation Dallas

Dear Doug,

Many thanks for all your extraordinary efforts.  You are a superb negotiator.

Barbara Bouyea
Lighting Designer
Oak Lawn Homeowner

You continue to amaze me with your kind gestures and fun antics.  Adriana and I agree that not only are you so knowledgeable about the real estate market, you have this ability to make us feel like we’re your only clients.

Kathy Heath
Turtle Creek Modern Home Resident


Thank you for so capably handling the sale of our home.  It was a distinct pleasure to get to know you while we lived in Dallas….If you’re ever in town, please look us up.

Kerry, Kendra, and Michael Gibbs


I am not sure where to begin….Working with you to find our home was such fun!  Your knowledge of the older home market is unmatched….Please stay in touch!  Both Connie and you have an open invitation to our home.”

Richard and Vickie Horres
Home Buyer

Thanks for all your hope this year and all the time spent on background research for the perfect home.  I think we’ve found it!

Joanna Pistenmaa
Highland Park Home Seller
Turtle Creek Home Buyer

Thank you again Douglas for your efficient and friendly work and for that wonderful evening we had.  It makes Dallas look nicer or even nice!

JF Gouedard
President of World Wide Flight Services
Preston Hollow Resident

Dear Doug,

Thank you so much for making our long house-buying adventure a wonderful experience….

Ellen and Allen Rupple
University Park Home Buyer

Dearest Doug,

Without a doubt, you are the most insightful friend that I have.  Your genius lies in the intuitive ability to cut to the heart of the matter and determine a win/win solution for all involved parties.  Thank you for leading me to the opportunity at DHS.

Lisa Hembry
MetroTex Association of Realtors Director

Dear Doug,

Thanks for finding the perfect home for us and thanks for the whirlwind of social events which we so enjoyed, particularly your fab party!

Joanna and Nigel Travis
Highland Park Home Buyer
Highland Park Home Seller

Dear Doug,

…You have made yourself unique in the real estate industry in Dallas.  The properties you market are professionally described and photographed, both of which are truly rare in this city.

Carl B. Schieffer
President, Live Oak State Bank

Dear Douglas,

Truly no other broker could have coordinated and negotiated more skillfully on behalf of his clients as you did this month.

It is always my great pleasure to have an opportunity to observe you in action.

Ann Noonan
Title Company Officer

Thanks again for all of your help and excellent work in both selling Beverly and buying Wentwood.

Jesse Hibbard
Highland Park Homeowner
University Park Homeowner

Thanks again for making 6506 happen Douglas, couldn’t have done so without your leadership.

Mark Rohr
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Doug, I want to compliment and thank you again on our experience.  It’s been positive all the way around, and you’ve been central to it.

Joe Hubach
Homeowner on White Rock Lake

You have the best understanding of the quality of homes you list for the market you are in, you have no competitors.

Have another successful year.

Tom Dunning
Preston Hollow Homeowner
Dallas Business and Civic Leader

Douglas Newby is the best realtor in town – he got us a fabulous price for our old house, and a fabulous deal on this lot.

Heidi Dillon
University Park Home Seller
Turtle Creek Home Buyer
Founder of The Fashionistas

In a profession filled with ticket takers, Douglas Newby redefined real estate as a real estate broker who made a difference to his clients, both buyers and sellers, and to the community.

Dan Fry

You don’t think like a real estate agent, you think like a investment banker.

Merchant Banker

You don’t take an inventory of houses, and simply tally how many closets or how many dishwashers each has. Anyone can do that. You interpret a home.

Kirby Allison
Founder and Owner of Hanger Project

After winning The Wall Street Journal’s and Luxury Conclave’s Best Property Marketing Campaign for two consecutive years, the Leaders in Luxury presented Douglas Newby the first Hall of Fame Award ever presented for Best Property Marketing Campaign, acknowledging his extraordinary work with architecturally significant homes.

Dallas Morning News

Dear Doug,

Thank you so very much for the amazing job you did for us throughout the entire process of home buying. We cannot thank you enough for your diligence, patience, kindness, intelligence and most of all, your uncanny ability to strategize contracts without compromising either party’s needs. We recognize the fact that we should not be moving into the St. Michael’s house if it weren’t for you. You went above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. We are in awe of your talent. Once we are settle in, we’d love to have you over!

Howard and Jenny Cohen
Janmar Homeowner

I’ve worked with the best real estate brokers across the country all my life, when it comes to the best Dallas residential real estate broker, I think who else is there but Douglas Newby? Thank you for all your extraordinary efforts. You are a superb negotiator.

George Watson
Real Estate Investor
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Thank you so much for your assistance in the purchase of our new home.

Most of all, thank you for making all of this a very smooth, painless process, which means quite a lot to us in our complicated lives.

Christy & Paul Eisman
Highland Park Homeowners

Jim and I can’t begin to thank you enough or all of your efforts and infinite patience in helping us finally find a home. We are so appreciative and excited.

Jacqueline & Jim Deeken
Highland Park Homeowner

Don and I admired the way you handled the sale of our lot.

Sara Sue Potts
Preston Hollow Estate Homeowner

David and I are so excited about getting the house on Rock Creek, And, of course, we couldn’t have done it without you. You worked so hard for us and we do so much appreciate it. We know we will love living in our house with the fantastic views for a long, long time.

Kay Walker
Highland Park Homeowner

Belatedly, but with deep gratitude, thank you for the most knowledgeable presentation and hosting of the AIA Dallas’ May Chapter Meeting. Thank you for arranging the use of the beautiful Edward Durell Stone home and your guidance on how the evening would unfold. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the venue and the historical background that you provided. The guests of honor from Preservation Dallas and The Dallas Architecture Forum were awed by the entire event.”

We could not have done this without your kindness and mentorship. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Members and the Staff of AIA, Dallas, thank you.

Carolyn B. Newsom
Executive Director, AIA Dallas

“I wanted to send you a quick note to say I’m grateful for you! You made it possible for me to have a fantastic home. Thank you!
I love everything you’ve written about my house.”

Erin Covert

I loved your letter! So insightful, as always, with perspective that no other real estate broker can begin to articulate.  You are the best!

Karen Foster

Doug, I so appreciate our time together this morning. This is new territory and your
experience and market savvy is quite meaningful at this or at any stage in the process. I look
forward to our future conversations.
Thank you!

David Gibson

Mission impossible accomplished.

Debra Hanig

Hi Connie and Doug, …and most importantly, thank you again for all of your help with the house.  You were so supportive and patient through the entire process.  Please know how grateful we are to you for helping us through this process.

Amy Lanctot

You are the only realtor I know is more interested in Architecture (with a capital A) than “features.”

Max Levy

Douglas and Connie, This is not my official thank you, but I did want to express my immediate thoughts.  It doesn’t seem so hot, the traffic doesn’t seem so bad and this camping chair doesn’t seem so uncomfortable all because of thoughtful gestures by two experienced conscientious and dedicated Brokers. See you soon.

Carrie Porter

Thank you so much for everything, Doug!  The stars kept aligning in our favor since first sight of this house.  I’m so glad we met you to guide us through the journey!

Marjorie Schwarz

Douglas, we are both so grateful for all of your expertise, assistance, and knowhow in the sale of this house. Moreover, I am grateful for the friendship and camaraderie we’ve shared throughout the experience. I could have easily written a novella extolling your virtues but I know you are much too humble for that. Nevertheless, please be assured of our deep gratitude.


Superb! Superb!  What a beautifully written piece with beautiful photos.  You captured everything that Phil and I intended to accomplish.  Come back and see me soon.

Emilie Schepps
Mayflower Estates Homeowner

What a phenomenal week! A million thanks to our great friend Doug Newby who is the absolute secret weapon when buying an architecturally significant home.

John A. Willding II

When you live in an architecturally significant home in Dallas, it causes you to notice how many other distinctive homes Dallas has to offer. Our 1934 home designed by Charles Dilbeck continues to be a source of warmth and pride for my wife and family.

John B. Woolsey
University Park Homeowner
Commercial Real Estate Broker

Doug – it’s all coming together.  Takes 10 years to be an overnight success.  Your idea of submitting success stories is taking shape.  The book will be birthed soon.  The road show is heating up.  The social media seeds have been planted.

The germ of all these ideas, and the subtle inspiration, came from you, Doug Newby.  With much appreciation for your support along the way.  Looking forward to what’s….next.

Andrea Kates
Distinguished Author and Business Leader

It is almost impossible to express to you what a wonderful experience this has been!

Onesia Rigney
Preston Hollow Estate Homeowner

…forgive my delay and know that it was a remarkable Panel for which I am extremely grateful that you agreed to conceive and moderate it.

I know that the evening was a success from the many attendees who told they thought it was wonderful.

Your graciousness, intelligence and wit made the program.  Thank you Doug, very, very much.

W. Mark Gunderson, AIA
Vice-President/Panels and Symposia
Dallas Architecture Forum

Doug – thanks a million – the drumbeat for good design marches to your cadence.

Bryce Weigand, FAIA
University Park Homeowner

It was so special to hear your obvious love of architecture and of Dallas. We are so fortunate as a community to have a person of your professionalism and knowledge representing the efforts of those that care about environments of refinement and grace.  Unfortunately, so many in the profession have no understanding of the factors that are so essential in creating the unique and special places.

I was working in the darkroom.  The hour was over almost before it began, because you love your subject.

Thanks for sharing.  It was the perfect gift for us listening.

David Gibson
Northern Heights Homeowner

Hi Doug,

I hope you are well.  I enjoyed your interview on 90.1 yesterday and appreciate that participation in these forums can have a profoundly positive effect for Dallas.

Michael McCarthy, AIA

Wish I was there so I could have shown you the transformation of the place. It looks great! I have you to thank for making that happen.

Ken Malcolmson
Northern Heights Homeowner
Bud Oglesby-Designed Modern Homeowner

First, let me thank you for selling my house. You did one of the most efficient jobs that I have ever heard of in real estate. Thanks a million. I hope the new owners enjoy the house as much as Lee and I did. Our life there was a glorious experience. Again, thanks for selling the house. I think it was one of the finest operations that I have ever witnessed.

Dr. Albert Halff
Most respected engineer in Texas

Connie, Howard and I want to thank you for all of the time, energy, and utmost professionalism and expertise in leading us to our home.

We also enjoyed your and Doug’s company

Jenny Cohen
Midcentury Modern Homeowner

I love reading your estate reports because you focus on preservation, architecture and history, all of which are important to me.  Please know that you are well liked and well represented by all who know you.

Tom Dunning

You make a very good point.  Learning to live with great architecture means you embrace it and live within the spaces created by it.

Ford Lacy

Hello Douglas, Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your letters. They are so informative, and I like to know what is happening in the real estate world. 

Cindy Ward

We have LOVED working with you and with Connie — you are just the best.

Elise Willding

Congratulations on so many years of making people’s dreams come true. We still tell everyone how great you are and what a difference you made for us. Hope you’re doing well.

Carl Coscia

Once again, thank you for all of your patience, hard work and your positive attitude through this entire process.  We very much appreciate it!

Antal and Natasha Desai
Greenway Parks Homeowners

The phone is still ringing about our seminar on ‘The Character of Dallas’ and I have heard so many people express their appreciation for your remarks and admiration of your work in the city to build a better Dallas.

Gail Thomas
The Center for the City
The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

One of my TED memories is you and Chris (4Chan) talking urban architecture.  You truly have a way with talented young people – I’m not sure how the algorithm knows that, but I’m glad it does!  Lucky Fellows!

Ruth Ann Harnisch
Thought Leader


Thanks so much for the evening at Mrs. McDermott’s.  It’s a rare treat just to be in her house, much less share it with great food, company, conversation and the lady herself.  Everyone agreed that the discussion you moderated really gave the evening its unique character, turning the conversation away from the usual social small-talk to much more interesting issues you usually don’t get into with people you’ve just met.  It was the perfect topic to open things up, because while even sophisticated civilians are often reluctant to talk about art and architecture if they’re put on the spot, everyone has strong feelings about their community and its culture – I know everyone there welcomed the opportunity to hold forth and listen to other views.  Every event you’ve done has been memorable, but I think this format bears repetition in some form – I loved Mrs. McDermott’s characterization of it as a “mixer”, but uniquely you had people exchanging ideas first and foremost, rather than business cards or phone numbers.  Needless to say, Ellen and I had a terrific time and are grateful you included us.

Michael Ennis

Dear Doug,

A million thanks for the incredible day you planned for us on Saturday!  What a treat!  The homes are all incredible!  Having you as our guide was extraordinary!  And to have Gary Olp meet us at the Washburn residence was really the icing on the cake.  Everyone really enjoyed listening to both of you.  And yes, lunch included a very lively discussion of which home was each person’s favorite.

Than you again and again for an amazing day!

Nancy Cohen Israel

Doug and Connie, I am sitting here tonight thinking about all that is going on and you two keep coming up in my thoughts. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, advice and friendship during the last months.  I really appreciate your kindness to me and will not forget it.  Dallas is a new step for me and you have allowed me to be crazy and forget a lot of things going on in my life.  You make driving and getting in and out of the car fun….Thank you for everything and know you aren’t through with me yet.  I hope we have years of fun friendship.

Susan Steelman
Turtle Creek Homeowner

You were fabulous Doug!

Our group of luxury home agents absolutely loved the opportunity to meet you and to hear your insights.  They left with great information after having been charmed by you.

Laurie Moore-Moore
Real Estate Industry Leader

Mr. Newby, I heard you on 90.1 yesterday and found it very interesting to discover some new things about the city I grew up in.  I would encourage you to continue to visit with KERA because there was no shortage of callers or interest in what you had to say.  Thank you for making Dallas ever-more interesting and intriguing.

Andrew Kippen

Doug – Congratulations on receiving the award for Best Luxury Property Marketing Campaign!  That was such a nice article about you in the DMN.  We are proud of your work and your community involvement.

Becky Sykes
Executive Director
Dallas Women’s Foundation
Northern Hills Homeowner

Dear Mr. Newby,

Thank you so much for your very interesting talk to our club on Dallas’ Significant Homes.  I know I speak for all who were there that it was most informative and very interesting!

Mary Catherin Stephenson

Dear Doug,

…you’re still the best realtor I’ve ever met.

Kim Gaven and Drew Moore
East Dallas Homeowner

Doug, Good job and thanks.

Nigel and Joanna Travis
Highland Park Homeowner

Thank you, Douglas for the copy of the “Real Estate Magazine” and for your mention of me, together with Virginia and Sheila in the article and congratulations on the excellence of your comments throughout the article.

The cover is great and you look like a handsome diplomat and certainly the photograph with your library as a background is “Douglas Newby personified”!

You have created a remarkable niche in our market like none other.  I have great respect for you and fond regards.

Ebby Halliday
Dallas Real Estate Icon

Dear Doug:

Thank you for all you did to make the Greater Dallas Association of Realtors Breakfast Caucus events such a success in both 1998 and 1999. The GDAR will miss having you in that position but are fortunate to have you as a director as we move into the new millennium!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

Dawn Enoch Moore
Title Company Owner

Dear Douglas, I was very happy to speak with you this morning. I fear I do not speak or write so eloquently. But I speak from my heart when I write. I was so taken back by your article that I was almost in tears.

I am writing my dissertation on architecture and music and the Stretto House in particular. I came across your site and it was very helpful in my introductory paragraph on architecture around Dallas. It really is good, and I thank you!

Alissa Roosa
Cleveland, OH

We originally listed our home with a large real estate firm that had another house listed nearby. It was a big disappointment with virtually no activity. In frustration I also offered the house myself, since I am a broker. Finally after doing some research, I listed our home with Douglas Newby. He immediately executed a publicity campaign and held an open house that attracted several hundred people. There were numerous qualified buyers. Doug’s special ability to negotiate and structure a complex deal in which everyone benefits is a major reason why we and the buyer were pleased with the result.

It was great to deal with Doug who viewed the sale and the client creatively instead of simply saying, ‘It can’t be done,’ and going on to a less complex problem. The sale of our home and the way in which it was handled enabled us to depart from this great neighborhood in a way that added to our pleasurable memories.

Donald Kerr
Commercial Real Estate Broker

Douglas Newby, for his work in preservation and architecture, is often called a Dallas hero. Douglas is particularly admired for his work with architecturally significant homes and his efforts making Dallas a vibrant city.

Robert Logan
Real Estate Investor

Whenever I meet someone who is really smart, I know they will enjoy working with Douglas Newby.

Connie Harkins

The 50 Significant Homes project identifying the most architecturally significant homes in Dallas, I consider the year’s most important project. Thank you for coordinating this effort.

Deedie Rose
Past President of Board of Trustees, Dallas Museum of Art

Thank you for attending the Texas Preservation Trust Fund Advisory Board meeting!  You posed several excellent questions which aided in the lively discussion of the projects presented this year.  I personally appreciated your thoughtfulness and critical analysis of projects which required a closer look. Your expertise in historic real estate is invaluable to the TPTF Advisory Board, and helps the program succeed in awarding funds to worthy projects!

Ashley Salie
Texas Historical Commission

A huge thanks goes to Douglas Newby for his invaluable wisdom and help along the way.

Michael Conrady

Hi Doug, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge and insight into Dallas architectural history and preservation.  Your website established the foundation for my interest in historical homes here.  It’s such a wonderful and fantastic resource.  Thank you!

Alberto Garza
Sidewalks of Dallas

Thank you so much for all you have done for over the last 14 years.  I truly enjoy our relationship and  expert discussions of real estate.

Bryan Hagen

Doug, thank you for finding our dream home (literally) and making it so easy! You’re The Best! 

John Willding

Douglas, I just watched your TEDx talk. It’s wonderful, and right on. Thanks for your commitment to pushing design forward!

Peter Brown

Dear Doug – thank you for your interest and concern for Dallas architecture – I do believe there has been improvement in the last twenty years and you have helped bring it about.

Virginia DeCleva

Dear Connie and Doug,

We are so thankful we are your former clients and new friends.

Happy New Year.  May it be happy, healthy and full of laughter.

Susan Steelman
Place Des Vosges Homeowner

Dear Doug,

On behalf of the members of the Dallas Woman’s Club thank you for the information and very interesting program last week.  As always, you were a great success!!  Everyone enjoyed the day.

Judy Skinner
Highland Park Homeowner

Dear Douglas:

I am glad there is at least one person in Dallas who appreciates our architectural heritage and is endeavoring to preserve it.

Thank you so much.

Henry Gilchrist

Dear Doug and Connie,

A note of appreciation for your time and whirlwind tour of enchanting Dallas.

I am more enthusiastic about the possibility of moving, can visualize us there and a quality of life for all of us is achievable.

Looking forward to future visits and hunts.

Beth Savoldelli

Mr. Newby:

I wanted to drop you a quick note. I have very much enjoyed reading about Dallas architecture styles and history on your Web site.  We are looking for a modern/contemporary home and have found your writing very enlightening.

My best to you this holiday season.

Robert Moore
Dallas Voice

…I can’t believe it’s been two years since we were all together on the mad hunt for a house.  You made a tough process a delightful experience.  I always enjoyed and still miss our conversations.

Richard and Vickie Horres

Dear Doug and Connie,

David and I truly appreciate all that you have done for us.  We are so happy with our new home.

The Kents
Munger Place Homeowners

Doug, what a true and wonderful article – you so perfectly represent the architectural standards of the homes you select.”

June McGuire
University Park Homeowner

Dear Doug, What a great article in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News. Keeping historic qualities alive in Dallas architecture is truly important to all of us. Thanks for your many efforts.

Brent Byers, AIA

The Authentic European touch – and the fact that Realtor Douglas Newby only deals in new construction when it’s architect designed; his urbane tastes lean toward the truly historical and the architecturally significant.

Paper City

You are the only Realtor I have met who really understands architecture, good design and how it relates to its environment. Since Susan and I are both architects, this was important to us. It is because of your business acumen that we were able to purchase a George Woo designed postmodern home on the highest elevation in the county that we are already enjoying. Thanks for everything.

Charles Smith, AIA

Doug:  So interesting.  Many thanks for the thorough summary.  Your point that cities & neighborhoods are fragile has really stayed with me.  Such an important point. I look forward to catching up and visiting about all this before long. And I’m VERY grateful for your sage wisdom and time in this project!  I look forward to more lively discussions of neighborhoods and housing policy.

Cullum Clark

To my old Lakewood pal, a wonderful realtor, Doug Newby.  Keep up the work.

Tod Hamilton

Thanks again, Doug, for your professional help and wisdom, patience and good humor!

Becky Sykes

Grateful to you, Doug, for helping Dallas protect these treasures and understand their significance. And of course even more grateful for you enabling us to steward this home into its second century!

Elise McDonald Willding

I just came across your Ted talk and watched it with my 7 year old son. Well done! I appreciated the points you were trying to convey and had a few belly laughs to boot. The phrase “styles come and go but great design is forever” is spot on. 

Christopher McGuire

I am so grateful to you and Connie for many years of friendship, sharing and teaching your vision of real estate and life, knowledge of history, and architecture. Your trust and belief in me has provided opportunities greater than I could have ever imagined. From collaborating with you and helping your friends, clients and referrals, I have learned so much and met so many fascinating people.

Pamela Rhoades

I had a chance to check out your Ted talk – it’s great! I completely agree with your perspective. My wife and I fell in love with our house because of the way it flows into a terraced and unexpectedly large backyard. It’s also a complete surprise as the house is only about a mile from UT Southwestern and you would never know from the street that it is hiding a ‘private park’ behind it.

Todd Roberts, PhD

Hi Douglas,

Loved your TEDx Talk.  I understand it perfectly.

Mari and Lou

Hi Doug,

Wow, all homebuyers should be required to view this before purchasing a new house. It should give people pause. I think my house has most of the elements you are talking about but I find myself still arguing about this with the Appraisal Board which keeps overvaluing my house because it is newer and on a big lot.

You gave a great talk!!!

Sandra Washburn

Very well done, Doug! Quite impressive!

Keep sharing your ideas,


You two have made the “house hunting” experience a breeze for both Alan and Mom.  Thank you for your patience and persistence – I know you must have questioned whether it would REALLY happen at times…hee!

Hope you enjoyed the holidays and I wish you both health, success and much happiness.

Elizabeth Fuller

Thank you so much for finding me a home in Dallas.  I am very much looking forward to living in Munger Place.  I very much appreciate your insight, expertise and sense of humor – you made the whole process go flawlessly.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Amy Juraszek, M.D.
Munger Place Homeowner

Your letter made me think about the few houses I designed in my 42 year career as a practicing architect.  Their few design attributes have long been horribly abused by successive owners.  It is good to know you are still locating and marketing the houses designed by the better breed of Dallas architects.

David Braden, FAIA
Turtle Creek High Rise Homeowner
Dallas Architect

Art a la Carte

I simply want to thank you for the great architecture presentation.  My partner and I live in an architect designed 1953 home and are always interested in good houses.

Bruce Davis

Dear Douglas:

Thank you for your recent letter and thank you for helping preserve the heritage of the Park Cities in Dallas.  We really hated to leave our home at 4809 Drexel Drive, but wanted to downsize and get on one level.  That house was built in 1914 by Louis Carpenter, brother of John.  The people who bought it appear to be dedicated to keeping the structure, although the yard has been neglected.  You would be interested to know that the house still has its original 1914 roof.

Thank you again for what you do for the community.

Henry Gilchrist

Doug – Your glossary of Dallas regional architects is wonderful.  Job well done.

Daniel Jones Cooper

Dear Mr. Newby,

I enjoy referencing your website in my continued journey in learning about both historical and modern residential architecture in Dallas.  Your photography on the site is exquisite, and your eye for detail is certainly recognized….Thanks for all you do to promote the recognition of architecturally significant structures and the field of architectural and interior design.

Jan Parker, FASID
Director of the School of Interior Design
The Art Institute of Dallas

Dear Doug,

If people think you and I have a mutual admiration club going, it’s true!

Thank you for your latest evidence – your note and your check to the SMU Archives Women of the Southwest – both are much appreciated.

Happy New Year, Doug and warmest best wishes for continued good will toward men and women – especially women! You are a special personality. I like you!

Ebby Halliday
Dallas Co-Founder of MLS

My discovery of Douglas Newby of Douglas Newby & Associates and his lifelong passion for historical architecture was a blessing. His efforts to create a resource for architecturally significant homes in Texas is a well-recognized and ongoing love affair.

Linda Leigh Paul,
Author Haciendas: Spanish Colonial
Houses in the U.S. and Mexico

Dear Doug, Thank you so much for your recent update on Dallas real estate. I always learn so much from you.

Dawna Richter

Dear Mr. Newby:

I just wanted to write to thank you for your website. I have enjoyed it so much! Thank you for the the time you spent on it and making it available to others. It is excellent.

I am an interior designer and architectural history is my number one interest. I really only knew of the Crespi home. I was in Dallas earlier this week and happened to drive past Swiss Avenue. What a discovery! I believe the 1920’s produced the best Revival styles so it was a treat to happen upon the area.

John McElveen

Hello Doug,

I just wanted to thank you for your example of excellence which is so clear from reading your website. I love your quotes, values, and approach – all of these are extremely inspirational and quite profound. I appreciate you setting a standard which challenges me to be better and serve my clients with the ultimate goal of “grace, efficiency, and goodwill” in their achievement of their “dreams and objectives.”

Brandon Jozwiak
Realtor, Durham, NC

Douglas Newby adds, “that Peggy will add even greater depth to our interpreting the real estate market and understanding good design. The aesthetics and economic value of a home are tightly intertwined. A home is your greatest design decision; we want our clients to benefit from good design.”

The Dallas Morning News

I just want to thank you for your contribution to Texas Modern architecture style. I have found your website to be very informative on the subjects of my grandfather, David Williams, and of the other notable architects that have contributed to this regionalist movement.

Thomas McMahon

Douglas, thanks for all you do to promote and preserve great architecture AND for charting my path to world domination.

Jessica Stewart Lendvay

Doug, I wanted you to know that this November our new home is going to be on the AIA Dallas Home Tour thanks, in part, to your efforts. That’s because when we began the design effort four years ago we relied heavily on your website, Architecturally Significant Homes, to find candidate architects. We found your website to be an incredibly rich resource, especially regarding modern architecture and architects in the Dallas area. We ultimately settled on Cliff Welch and couldn’t be happier with the result. You’re welcome to tour the home anytime. I think you will find it to your liking.

Thanks for helping make our dream home a reality and thanks for all your contributions to the Dallas modern architecture community.

Mark Burton

My family and I recently spent almost three months in Dallas…Loved the people and the amazing architecture. Not looking to make a move from SC (Greenville) right now, BUT…maybe at some point down the road. Glad I discovered your wonderful site (and insight)!

Jim Simkins

Douglas Newby understands neighborhoods better than any one in Dallas.

Stephen Anderson
Munger Place Homeowner

Dear Doug:

First, let me thank you for selling my house. You did one of the most efficient jobs that I have ever heard of in real estate. Thanks a million.

The Great Properties article on our (former) house was great. I hope that the new owners enjoy the house as much as Lee and I did. Our life there was a glorious experience. The house is made for living.

Again, thanks for selling the house. I think it was one of the most efficient operations that I have ever witnessed. Keep in touch.

Albert Halff
O’Neil Ford-Designed Home Owner

You’re the very best- the consummate professional!
Thank you, Douglas! It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you. 

Terri Cox

We had the best realtor in Northeast Alabama to help us sell our beautiful older home, but wasn’t YOU.

Kim & Gwen Moore

Thanks for all you do for architecture and us!!

David Rolston

As usual, I appreciate your extensive knowledge of Dallas and its neighborhoods.  Your thinking is spot on.  You bring common sense to these issues that are short sighted and detrimental to our city.

Carl Scheiffer

Hello Douglas, Read your editorial.
Wonderfully reasoned and thoughtful.

Robert Shaw
Apartment Developer

So nice to receive your detailed letter regarding our real estate market — and, more importantly, a lesson on its history and evolution in Dallas.

Gloria Snead

Douglas, I have used your blog as a resource for information on David George. I live in a home designed by David George.. Built in 1995 it sits on Grapevine Lake.  Thank you for your extensive writing on his work… It has really been helpful in gaining more knowledge about him.

Charlie Spradling

Dear Doug, well, you just blew the socks off of everybody on Sunday night. Your incredible event was over the top in every way. A formal note follows, of course, but I just could not wait to tell you how amazing the evening was-your RAFFINATION Dinner!!!
What an amazing guy you are. I am so grateful to be your friend.

Gail Thomas

Wow, all homebuyers should be required to view your TEDx Talk – Homes That Make Us Happy –  before purchasing a new house. It should give people pause. 

Sandra Washburn

Hi Doug.  I showed my wife your website about Wright’s house at 9400 Rocbrook and drove her by it and she was knocked out.  We saw the Robie house in Chicago last weekend and she just loved it so I wanted to show her Rockbrook.  Too bad that there aren’t more of those old houses being preserved in that area.

Brian Watts

I can tell you it’s all true…because the client is me (and my beautiful bride)…and there is Never a Doubt with Doug Newby!!! 

John Willding

Thank you so very much for taking the time yesterday to teach me the “ABCs” that a first time home buyers should know and look for when buying a house. The information you shared was invaluable. 

Marcia Maia

Fabienne and I would like to thank you very much for the visits we made together, we really enjoyed your advices and comments, and your expertise on Dallas architecture is amazing (your website is an incredible resource on Dallas significant homes).

I will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Eric Leonard

Jim and I just watched it to rave reviews. I’m often nervous when I watch others that I know give talks but you are so completely natural and relaxed that I was completely absorbed in the subject. It’s so interesting and so true. You hit all of the truths about what constitutes good design in such a precise, eloquent and enjoyable fashion. I’m going to be more mindful as we continue to look.

We are going to watch it again. Loved it!!!

Jacqueline Caire

Fantastic, Doug!

Would you believe I put on 5 old TED namebadges, turned off my phone, and clapped you on to the stage?

What a great talk! The content is really insightful and inspiring. Love that you were part of an exclusive society with the keys to the kingdom. I don’t think I’ve ever laid eyes on a top secret MLS book but the grainy print and tiny images and bad paper certainly paint a vivid picture.

The idea of selling the neighbourhood not the home really resonates with me. I’m in an emerging neighbourhood myself. My condo building was CBC’s warehouse in the 1950’s – 70’s. The 14′ ceilings, wide hallways and my “artist and urban pioneer” neighbours make me really happy. I was raised in big, old homes because we were such a big family. I certainly appreciate character and charm over new anything.



Impressive TED talk! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Heidi Brunet

Thanks Doug,

I watched your talk. It was very good. Here are two quotes that left an impression on me:

“we love our home when it is a private sanctuary that opens up to nature.”

“we forget to dream”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Great TED Talk Douglas! I really enjoyed it and thought you did a terrific job. You have a great stage presence. I’d love to chat with you the next time I see you about how you prepared for that talk. Doing a TED Talk is on my long term goals list.

Brandt Barham

Amazing! Spectacular! Bravo! Really disappointed I didn’t see it live! How did you do it? The content and “lyrics” were beautiful but you had to commit all 16 minutes to memory. I thought only actors could do that!!! Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing. Have already forwarded to others so you should be getting a lot more views!

Ken Malcolmson

Douglas, I just listened to this very well crafted and delivered talk. I LOVE that you brought the human back into the idea of what makes s happy, what we love about our homes.. It reminded me of a continuation of Marc Kushner’s talk about the design of the home he grew up in .. “every time I walked along the cat walk from the bathroom to my bedroom in view of people in the living room , I HATED it, .. and that’s architecture.

The idea of what we love having NOTHING to so with # of rooms or the kind of description that we are given on digital sites. The stripping away of the human in all of the qualitative things we love.

The only suggestion you might try is to actually give some of your examples personalities. make them a story .. the school district vs school, the gentrifying neighborhood and the welcoming sound of construction vs the noise annoyances. It would cement these concepts in the listeners minds.

All in all I love the idea. Looking forward to seeing you at TED. Cheers!


Dearest Doug,

Thank you, thank you!What a gift – an ode to architects and good taste/design – I could not agree with you more on all that you so eloquently point out, especially the idea that what is seen out the window becomes an extension of style !


May this year be a great source of happiness to you.


You have such astute observational powers. You deducted a truth and made an insightful, intelligent analysis not only of the markets of real estate and architecture, but also of human tendencies and the profound effect of nature. Your rhythm of speaking also holds your attention. You communicated this analysis in a clever and occasionally witty and humourous way. You made it easy for the audience to understand and gave us some of the answers to the search for happiness.

I really enjoyed it – very thought provoking.

And I must say you are looking good!

Mimi Morrie

You are so right, the happiest homes have nothing to do with all the things we think they should. Great perspective, clear & clean story – all those years in the TED audience produced a great speaker! Bravo!



Congratulations on the TED Talk. I really enjoyed it.

Let me know what you plan to do to expand the project.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlesdee Mitchell

Hi Douglas, I got a chance this morning to view your presentation on TED Talks. Great job.  Thank you for being a supporter of great design.  I hope it reaches a wide audience.  We really push clients to think about quality versus abundant space, and strive to have all our spaces relate to the outdoors. I’ll put your TED link on our Facebook site.

Ali Jamie