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Trail of Tears

The recent teardowns in Highland Park have left a trail of tears across the Highland Park neighborhoods. Maybe this architecturally significant Beaux-Arts style mansion designed by Herbert M. Greene will not be torn down. There are 5 reasons why the home might not be torn down. As I discussed with Dallas Morning News reporter Steve Brown: 1) This 1912 Herbert Greene architect-designed home is the most iconic home in Highland Park. Andy Beal did tear down a historic but relatively insignificant home on 6 acres on Preston Road, but he did not tear down the iconic Crespi Estate on 25 acres when he owned it. 2) The Beaux-Arts style seen here is the most prominent example of this architectural style in Dallas. 3) Located at the corner of Beverly and Preston, it is at the epicenter of Highland Park. 4) The home has a rich historical heritage even before prominent business leader and philanthropist Ed Cox owned the home for over 40 years. 5) 4101 Beverly has an elevation more impressive and a greater height than presumably Highland Park would allow for a new home. Most homes that get torn down are to accommodate a more impressive and larger new home. Here architect Herbert Greene designed a home on 7 acres that is already perfectly sited and magnificent.

Some of the other reasons that this home is so important to Dallas is because it is a link to the cultural, business, spiritual and aesthetic lineage of Dallas. Architect Herbert Greene also designed in the early 20th century the Neiman Marcus building, the First National Bank, the Scottish Rite Cathedral, and the First United Methodist Church, Dallas, the Dallas Morning News building and the Belo Mansion. These Herbert Greene designed buildings all quickly convey the heritage and modern founding of Dallas over 100 years ago. My hope is that 4101 Beverly Drive continues to contribute to our historical understanding of Dallas and to our aesthetic enjoyment.
*Trail of Tears
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