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It never occurred to me that a sorority house is also a home and the Gamma Phi Beta house at SMU is an architecturally significant home designed by architect Mark Lemmon. This Mark Lemmon-designed home will be further preserved because of the leadership of Rebecca Melde, a Gamma Phi SMU graduate. She discovered that her sorority home was designed by Mark Lemmon and is raising money with other Gamma Phi’s to preserve the history and architecture of their sorority house. What is additionally exciting is the possibility of a national movement to research and discover the individual architects who designed sorority houses across the country. My guess is that many of them are designed by prominent architects like Mark Lemmon who did very little residential work. My experience has been that many homebuyers looking to purchase a historic home grew up in a historic home. It is fun to think about the impact that this SMU Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House had on the historic home interest of thousands of SMU girls. There are millions of sorority girls, now women across the country, who have been influenced by the history and architecture of their sorority houses. Further research, discovery, and preservation of sorority houses across the country will heighten the preservation interests across our national communities. It would be wonderful if every sorority house in the country researched the architect that designed their collegiate home. This collective research project would illuminate important architects and architecture across the country. See blog article for more information on the Mark Lemmon architect-designed Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House at SMU. https://douglasnewby.com/2021/11/sorority-home-saved-at-smu/
*Sorority Home Save
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