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Prior to Fireflies

As the sun sets on the Wabash, one knows the show will soon begin. Twilight is like an evening sorbet that cleanses the palate of the day to give one a fresh canvas for the millions of fireflies (lightning bugs) about to appear from the grass on the ground to the stars in the sky. This last year the cliché of small town inhabitants heading to New York has been turned on its head with people from New York moving to small towns in Indiana. I decided I didn’t want to miss out on the midwestern small town experience. It is easy to forget how many small towns or cities have wonderful museums and where the nature is sublime. My birthplace of Freeport, Illinois, a site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, has a delightful art museum and massive parks and landscaped boulevards I still think about. The village of Hinsdale, Illinois, where I was raised, had tree-lined, brick paved streets and triangle parks. Hinsdale also had a health museum that people came to from miles away. Whether it is a small town or a big city, it is important to balance art, architecture, vibrancy, and nature in an honest and organic way. *Prior to Fireflies
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