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Mary Vernon@Cheryl_Vogel_Valley_House @ValleyHouseGallery

Here is my favorite Mary Vernon painting. A still life that explodes with nature. A precarious balance held in place by a composition filled with blocks of color and layers of detail added to and subtracted from the canvas. Thinking about why I am so captivated by this piece, I realize it is because it exudes nature. Just as a vignette of a home looking out a window can often convey nature more poignantly than an image of an outside landscape in its entirety, this painting, just like a home, embraces the interaction of nature and the materials nature provides for the built environment. Just as a home can be programmatically modern but not rigid, this painting can be modern and yield to the subtle influence of deliberate spontaneity from the hand of whomever yields it.

Anyone with the love of art, history, or Dallas, already owns or should own a painting by Mary Vernon. Mary is foremost a brilliant artist. She has also mentored scores of successful artists as a friend or as the former Chair of the SMU Art Department. Mary has also helped shape SMU in leadership roles including serving as the President of the Faculty Senate. Mary Vernon has embraced Dallas and Dallas continues to embrace her. Currently, you can see an exhibition of Mary Vernon’s recent work at Cheryl and Kevin Vogel’s Valley House Gallery. Mary Vernon’s paintings bring both joy and a better understanding of art.
*Mary Vernon
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