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Labyrinth to New Harmony

Preservation is more than just preservation. Preservation is revitalizing an earlier energy and vision of the community. Jane Owen revived the 1814 German Utopian town that originally had buildings from the 1800’s and a hedge labyrinth for meditation and prayer. The best cities, towns, and neighborhoods have organic leadership motivated by passion to preserve, perpetuate and create good ideas and projects. The communities that are the most successful are not because a planner dictated the urban policy that they were taught in graduate school, but the communities are successful because of village driven projects embraced by the community. In 1988, Jane Owen created a polished granite labyrinth in New Harmony dedicated by the Rector of Chartres Cathedral, the cathedral that she visited with the architects to replicate the measurements. A labyrinth has become the unofficial logo of New Harmony. The hedge labyrinth and polished granite labyrinth have architectural appeal, are sophisticated and urbane, and add depth and meaning to the public spaces surrounded by nature. These labyrinths are additional successful expressions of Organic Urbanism. *Labyrinth to New Harmony
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