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End of Summer

A summer holiday for me usually means Basque beaches with the sea in one direction and the Pyrenees in the other direction, with the day ending at Le Kaiku, a chef-owned Michelin star restaurant in Saint Jean de Luz, near the sea. This summer, not eager to embark on international travel, East Tennessee provided an infusion of topography, charming views, and farm-fresh dinners. The views were not as exuberantly picturesque as the Basque country, but East Tennessee offered a delightful end of summer respite. A morning bike ride brings one past a charming boathouse, a cabin, maybe the prototype for the John Neely Bryan replica cabin erected in downtown Dallas, a 19th century church with hand-hewn pews, rivers, creeks, fenced pastures, forests and glorious views. Recent conditions prompted many to move to the interior of the country and prompted others to take a holiday in the interior of the United States. Happy end of Summer! *End of Summer
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