20th Century Modern Home

Early 20th Century Modern Home
Early 20th Century Modern Home

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Craftsman Bungalow Representing 100 Years of Modernism

In the Belmont Addition neighborhood of Dallas, between the restaurants of Greenville Avenue and ten blocks from the trails around White Rock Lake, you will find this 1,400 square foot early modern home immersed in nature.

Oversized Houses on Small Lots is Passé. Smaller Homes on Oversized Lots is Right On Trend.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Nature Path at 6026 Goliad Avenue

Homes that make people happy have always had a greater proportion of land than building square footage. This 1,400 square foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom home on an oversized lot is right on point and trend. The recent pandemic has brought home this point as shelter-in-place orders had homeowners living and working out of their homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Staying at home made some people realize they like their home much less than they previously thought. Other homeowners love their homes even more. This home at 6026 Goliad Avenue is a home that one will love more every day as it brings joy every day. A shelter-in-place order becomes a forced working vacation when you are staying in a home surrounded by a large garden and yard like this one. A smaller house on a larger lot exudes the proportions of nature and home that people desire and that make them happy.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Nature Envelopes the Home at 6026 Goliad Avenue

Home Perfect for Lovers of Art, Nature, Friendly Neighbors

We are realizing more and more that homes are more than a place to eat, sleep or occasionally entertain. A home that people love, like this one, inspires, connects, engages and makes living and working in a home a joy. We know this home inspires because of the creative lineage of past homeowners.

Large format framed photographs are by celebrated photographer Allison V. Smith.

Tim DeLaughter of Polyphonic Spree Lived in this Craftsman Bungalow

Tim DeLaughter, an international touring musician and founder of the choral rock group, Polyphonic Spree, lived in this early modern Craftsman bungalow with his family when he wrote his first album featuring the single-track song Light and Day. When you know this house on Goliad, you can see how it helped inspire the lyrics:

Follow the day and reach for the sun … Follow the seasons and find the time … Reach for the bright side … Reach for the sun.

Lyrics from Day and Night
6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Plentiful Windows at 6026 Goliad Avenue

In the Home You Can See the Sun in Four Directions

When you stand in one room, you can see sunlight coming into the home from four different directions. Every time of day and different seasons of the year bring a different pattern of light as the sun shines through the layers of trees in the garden surrounding the home.

Allison V. Smith, A World-Renowned Photographer, Lived in This Home

Allison V. Smith has received commissions from around the world and assignments from the most prestigious publications and media outlets. Her photographs have been displayed in prominent galleries, museums and homes of collectors. This is the home Allison Smith lived in and worked out of. This is where she developed and worked on images that you have probably seen.

Allison V. Smith photographs have been seen in museums and private collections across the country.
The gallery setting of the living room is perfect for museum quality art and allows views through three rooms until one’s eye settles on the rear garden

Barry Whistler, a Long-Established, Trusted, Avant-Garde Gallerist, Lived in this Home

A successful gallerist is a curator and arbiter of art, space and how the combination engages one. You know this early modern home in the Belmont Addition Conservation District is special since it is where prominent gallerist Barry Whistler chose to live and hang his personal art. Just as the Barry Whistler Gallery in the Design District was designed by the award-winning architect Russell Buchanan, this home has the aesthetic renovation impact of talented architect Jessica Stewart Lendvay.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Breakfast Room with Views of Nature

Home is a Creative Springboard

When people have been recently forced to begrudgingly work from their homes, this home on Goliad has always been a creative springboard where people love to work. Whether you are an artist or an accountant, you will enjoy your work here where you are immersed in nature.

Early 20th Century Modern Home Invokes a 21st Century Modern Loft

It is remarkable how modern a 100-year-old home can be. This early 20th century modern Craftsman bungalow reflects the tenets of modernism and invokes the sense of a 21st century modern loft because of the light and open space.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Windows With Views of Nature in Home in Belmont Conservation District

Art in this Space Engages

Just as in a modern loft, art can be seen from varying distances. In this early modern home, a piece of art can be seen from distinct rooms because each defined space is open to the next rooms. Connected open spaces of this Craftsman bungalow allow each piece of art to be seen from different views, perspectives and context.

A Small House with Museum Spaces

Here is a small home with gallery and museum style spaces, suitable for 50-inch x 50-inch framed photographs by Allison V. Smith that you see pictured or art from other prominent artists. Your art collection will be illuminated with Lutron lighting and hung on gallery walls interspersed with views of nature through large double-hung windows. You will live in a home that is perfect to display meaningful, impactful art and at the same time be immersed in nature. Rather than living in a ubiquitous white box or townhouse, this modern home, 100-years-old, is warm, inviting, comfortable and a delightful refuge.

Jessica Stewart Lendvay Architect-Designed Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

Modern architect Jessica Stewart Lendvay draws on her experience and expertise of designing multi-million dollar modern homes to bring her atheistic to this early 20th century modern Craftsman bungalow. You will enjoy putting to use the Bosch five-burner cook top, the KitchenAid oven with convection feature, the KitchenAid dishwasher and the KitchenAid refrigerator/freezer with water and ice dispenser.  In addition, the sleekness of the kitchen is enhanced by invisible hinge kitchen cabinets and drawers that provide pull out storage and vertical storage and the Elica range hood with LED lighting and Hush System.  The kitchen also includes a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System and Kohler fixtures.  Hardwood floors and cork floors add to the warmth of the home.  Corian counter tops and integrated sinks are found in the kitchen and bathroom.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Stylish Kitchen in Belmont Conservation District Residence

Landscape Architect John Lendvay

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Landscape in Belmont Conservation District

When a landscape architect can tap into the style, era of a home, and its neighborhood, and create a modern landscape design, the result is a lush landscape integrated into and enhancing a home you will love.

Belmont Conservation District is a Neighborhood of Friendly Neighbors

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Belmont Addition Craftsman Bungalow

A neighborhood is defined as the friendly relations of neighbors. The Belmont neighborhood is a true neighborhood.

Another thing that the pandemic has done is reset the way we think about social interactions. Large annual parties at home have been shut down. Shelter-in-place discourages travel across town to see friends. Restaurants were closed. Dinner parties were canceled.

The Neighborhood is a New Social Center

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Terraces Extend Interior Space of Modern Home

What has taken the place of the previous conventional forms of interaction is the neighborhood coming together for a neighborhood stroll, concert and front yard birthday parties. Spontaneous porch visits have flourished. Walking or riding a bike by a neighbor sitting on their porch and saying hello or stopping in the front yard for a chat is a common occurrence because people are at home and available for a real conversation. When one lives in a front porch neighborhood of tree-lined streets, one wants to take a walk, a bike ride on a shaded street and stop when one sees a neighbor. This year’s recent high school graduates celebrated by being recipients of a group neighborhood stroll that stopped at each graduate’s home to take time to ring bells, cheer and hear speeches from the graduates.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Expansive Yard in Belmont Conservation District

Social distancing has left many condominium residents lonely and discouraged as they are confined inside. Those homeowners who live in friendly Old East Dallas neighborhoods like the Belmont Conservation District felt more connected, more loved and engaged because the layers of convention and social pretense were stripped away.  The Belmont Conservation District has a long history of interesting neighbors, artists, musicians, writers and professionals who like the bucolic neighborhood and friendly atmosphere of the Belmont Addition neighborhood.

Reflecting 100 Years of Modernism

When you move into this Craftsman bungalow reflecting 100 years of modernism in the Belmont Addition, you will become part of history and making history. You will enjoy a modern design from the past and a home of the future.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Modern Home – Modern Garden in Belmont Conservation District

Great Value and Affordable Price

Land is what goes up in value. This lot is on 8,750 square feet of land and is 20% larger than most University Park and Dallas lots, some that have homes on them that are over four times as large as this one. While those massive structures depreciate, your land will be appreciating while you immensely enjoy living in the home.

6026 Goliad Avenue, Dallas, Texas
Bicycle in Backyard of Conservation District Home

Mortgage Payments Probably Less than Condominium or Duplex Rent

With a 20% down payment, your 30-year mortgage payments with taxes might only be $2,290 per month. What better way to create wealth and create happiness for yourself than in a home and a neighborhood you will love.