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Bluffview Home for Sale on 1.66 Acres
4618 Shadywood Lane, Dallas, Texas

Classic Colonial Revival

When I think of the perfect proportions of an original estate home, this architect Wilson McClure-designed renovated home is always the one I think back to. The ceilings are high, the windows large, the rooms have an inviting width and depth, connected by elegant, tall double passageways. The charm is irresistible as one approaches the home. On every holiday, from the Fourth of July to Christmas, this classic American home resonates. Pier 1 thought so also as they put the home on the recent cover of their catalog.

When one thinks of the Bluffview neighborhood, architect-designed homes on forested estate lots along country lanes come to mind. This home represents the best of these qualities that one finds in the Bluffview estate home area. You and your family will enjoy the home, the site, and the neighborhood.

Rolling 1.66 Acres of Land Along Bachman Branch Spring-Fed Creek

Terraced Terrain of Bluffview Estate HomeA winding drive from Shadywood provides an elegant approach to this original estate home designed by architect Wilson McClure in 1938 and renovated in 2010.  This architecturally significant period home is surrounded by wide lawns, wrap around terraces and porches that look out at expansive lawns, mature trees, and the rugged terrain of a substantial free-flowing creek.  You will see children’s tree houses and play equipment in the wooded areas, extensive lawns for sports, manicured gardens closer to the house, detached quarters above the garage, a sport court and paths to the creek.

Wilson McClure Architect

Side Porch Looking Over Winding Drive to Forest and CreekSome of the best classical homes in Dallas have been designed by architects such as Howard Meyer who are best known for their modern homes, but have designed extraordinary traditional homes.  This home designed by Wilson McClure is one of the very best examples of an architect who excelled at designing both eclectic style homes derived from classic European design and contemporary homes because of his graceful proportions found in each.

Perfect Proportions of Bluffview Home

Living 4 Shadywood 4618Over the years, when I think of a home with perfect proportions, I think of the formal living room of 4618 Shadywood Lane.  The width, depth and ceiling heights are perfectly balanced with large double-hung windows and wide door openings, allowing sunlight and freedom of movement.  The best modernists begin with the interior of a home and move to the exterior design of the home which emphasizes the graceful dimensions and proportions of the rooms.  In contrast, often times the architects of traditional homes begin with a beautiful exterior and then fill in the interior rooms.  What I have found interesting is that one of the great estate home architects of the 20th century, Maurice Fatio, known for the proportions of his homes, was trained in Switzerland with Karl Moser, the godfather of Modernism.

Location Within Bluffview Neighborhood

Rear Terrace of Bluffview HomeHere in the Bluffview neighborhood you will see on a large lot an elegant and inviting home that lives well inside and outside the home.  Spacious rooms relate to each other, the porches, balconies and terraces on every side accentuate the ability to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Shadywood Lane and Briarwood Lane are the hilly, tree-lined streets that attract Bluffview neighbors for their daily walks through the neighborhood.  This home joins the location of the homes of Don Henley and the chairman and CEO of Comerica Bank, close to where Shadywood and Briarwood merge.  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s property is two doors down the street.

Value of Estate Home

It is rare to find 1.66 acres of land surrounded by expensive homes for $2,250,000, much less a property with a renovated architect-designed home.  Here is a home that celebrates architecture, land and the neighborhood at an attractive price.

Original Bluffview Home, Architect Designed
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