Backyard Concentrated ADUs

Surrounded by single-family homes on two sides, are these 70 new ADU-sized apartments being built, a block from a historic district. This small apartment complex is equivalent to building backyard rental houses behind 70% of Swiss Avenue Historic District homes or building a backyard apartment house behind one of every three homes in the Munger Place Historic District. If just one more small apartment project was built close to these single-family zoned neighborhoods it would create the density equivalent of building backyard rental houses behind every single-family home in the Munger Place Historic District. The City Councilman for the neighborhood has promoted backyard rental houses and promised to get permission for anyone wanting to build a backyard rental house in their backyard. Even if every homeowner builds a backyard rental house, it would only offer a dent in the low density that the City Councilman despises, but the backyard rental houses would be devastating to the single-family middle income neighborhoods, the city, and the environment. The Dallas Morning News just ran a story about how the temperatures of urban areas are rising twice as fast as the rest of the country. One solution and action taken is to plant more trees. One might think that the trees that get destroyed for backyard rental house/ADUs are more important than another apartment unit. One also might think that having neighborhoods with backyard trees and play areas for children is more important than another apartment neighborhood with streets lined with cars where kids cannot ride their bikes or play safely in the front yards and parkways of their neighborhood.
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