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Window Design and Orientation of Modern Dallas Home
Window Design and Orientation of Modern Dallas Home

Architect Michael Linehan was born and raised in Dallas. He received his architecture degree at the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Detroit. Notre Dame has become the prominent architecture school in the field of classical architecture. Michael Linehan has an academic foundation in both classical and modern architecture.

His modern work expresses his commitment to the site and how the house relates to the site above a particular style. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the design of his Dallas modern home in Lakewood emphasizes the environment. The majority of Michael Linehan’s work can be found on the East Coast and in Baltimore, but one of his finest homes is in Dallas at 7243 Tokalon Drive.

Example of Homes Architect Michael Linehan Designed

Lakewood Modern Home For Sale

7243 Tokalon Drive, Dallas, Texas

Modern at White Rock Lake

There are two dominant real estate trends in Dallas right now.  One is the increasing desire of buyers for modern and contemporary homes.  The other is the escalating interest by buyers to be in Lakewood and close to White Rock Lake.  This increased interest in modern homes in Dallas spans all generations.  Young buyers have grown up on modern and older buyers are ditching their Tudors for the sleeker lines, windows and sunlight of a modern home.

Value of Modern Home is in Site, Location, and Design

This modern home is on Tokalon Drive one of the prettiest streets in Lakewood.  The site emphasizes the modernity of the home, with its walls of horizontal windows, a second floor master bedroom and balcony, and a third floor roof terrace all of which look out to several acres of the White Rock Lake Park meadow, White Rock Lake, a forest and in the distance the Dallas Audubon bird counting sanctuary.