Vision of Douglas Newby

The vision of Douglas Newby is apparent by the way he looks at homes, neighborhoods and Dallas. Some people see a house, Douglas Newby sees a home through an entirely different lens – context, neighborhood, site, architectural significance and real value. He notices the nuance and subtlety of design and understands both economic value and how a home can make one happy.

Some look back at comparables or what has just happened in the market. Some randomly speculate on the future. Douglas Newby interprets the past to help predict the future. Many have called Douglas Newby a visionary. Some, like the former executive director of the prominent Dallas Breakfast Group, Ken Benson, has called him a futurist since he brings attention to city issues before they become front and center a few years later.

Douglas Newby is an amateur Dallas historian who understands Dallas and its future. Being a real estate broker his entire career provides many advantages as he evaluates the real estate market. Douglas Newby is one of the few Realtors in Dallas who has seen and worked through every severe real estate cycle over the last several decades. In addition, Douglas Newby early in his career was one of the only real estate agents who had a vision for a deteriorated 100-block neighborhood returning to its original city prominence – this has happened after $1 billion of renovation and appreciation. Douglas Newby has sold homes in the most expensive neighborhoods, including the most expensive home in Dallas. Maybe his vision is most apparent from his identifying overlooked niche neighborhoods, and through selling homes there and promoting these neighborhoods, they have become the most popular and expensive neighborhoods in the city of Dallas.

Douglas Newby has friends from around the world who are leaders in their fields. He has had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the most prominent world business titans and leaders. At the intersection of his local understanding of Dallas and a global curiosity lies the vision of Douglas Newby.

Working with and sharing ideas and insights consistently with very smart clients creates a collaborative advantage found nowhere else in the Dallas real estate community. Douglas Newby can be counted on to enhance and sharpen the extraordinary vision of his clients.