The Joy is in the Result and in the Process

In a profession filled with ticket takers, Douglas Newby redefined real estate as a real estate broker who made a difference to his clients, both buyers and sellers, and to the community.

Dan Fry

Douglas Newby orchestrates a sale or purchase that makes his clients happy with the results and a process that they enjoy. The majority of Douglas Newby transactions are not through MLS, but through a marketplace he has created of buyers and sellers that own or are interested in architecturally significant homes. Property values are determined by more important criteria than at what price homes have sold for in the last six months. He also adept at using MLS to bring an even wider attention to an architecturally significant home or property he is offering for sale. If you want more than an agent who can point out amenities and statistics; if you desire an advisor, someone knowledgeable, experienced and someone with whom you like to collaborate; you should call Douglas Newby to see if he is the right real estate agent for you.

Douglas Newby’s fabric of esteemed friends within the civic, philanthropic and corporate fields, artists and architects, are an important source of potential buyers for significant homes, and a source of architecturally significant homes before they become publicly available on the market.

In another city and on a previous real estate transaction, a read a book on buying and selling a house called Lambs to the Slaughter. This time, my spouse and I choose Doug Newby to serve as our agent. He shepherded us through the hurdles with verve, fairness, and care. I would gladly seek his help again.

William F. May
Original Endowed Director of SMU Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility