Douglas Newby Knows Dallas Neighborhoods

Douglas Newby has always been fascinated with neighborhoods. He understands that each neighborhood has a distinct look and personality that makes up the architectural choir and community of Dallas. He wrote the first book on Dallas neighborhoods, Guide to the Older Neighborhoods of Dallas, published by the Historic Preservation League. The neighborhood section on his Architecturally Significant Homes/Douglas Newby website comes up high on the first page of search results. The website is the definitive resource for the finest neighborhoods in Highland Park, University Park and Dallas. Knowing and understanding these neighborhoods and how they relate to each other provides Douglas Newby an advantage in predicting the direction of each neighborhood – the neighborhoods that will gain popularity and increase more in price over the next several years and why. Determining the right neighborhood for each homebuyer is the most important decision a homebuyer can make. Once that decision is made, then the best sites within that neighborhood can be determined. At that point, with confidence, a homebuyer can select a home that provides the most real value and a home that will make them happy living in.

For four decades Douglas Newby has helped homebuyers develop a deep understanding of neighborhoods and helped them find the right neighborhood in the prime locations in Dallas.