Profile of Douglas Newby Clients

Architects DeWitt and Washburn designed this home in Highland Park at 4417 Belfort Avenue.
Architects DeWitt and Washburn

Real estate broker Connie Harkins, who works with Douglas Newby, has often said:

Smart people enjoy working with Douglas Newby.

Connie Harkins
Real Estate Broker

Regardless of the size or price range or style of home, clients of Douglas Newby share many characteristics. If you dream of a significant home, a home that is refined, architecturally pleasing, is exceptional in its quality, style, and pedigree; a home that makes a bold or subtle statement and contributes to the aesthetic landscape of Dallas; a home that has real value with the potential to outperform the market when it comes to sell; and most of all will make you happy living in the home; then Douglas Newby is the best Realtor for you.

Robert Wigley, the son of Florence Crespi, was the Trustee of the Crespi Estate and retained Douglas Newby to sell this property at 5555 Walnut Hill Lane.
Robert Wigley, the son of Florence Crespi, was a brilliant gentleman who retained Douglas Newby to sell the Crespi Estate in accordance with his mother’s wishes that it not be sold while she finished her life in the Crespi Estate home.

Thank you for your commitment, efforts, and success in selling the Crespi Estate. No other broker could have handled a transaction of this magnitude and complexity with as much grace, sensitivity and confidentiality.

Robert Wigly,
Trustee of Crespi Estate
Former Vice Chairman EF Hutton

Clients of Douglas Newby are characteristically the most successful in their fields. Douglas Newby is grateful for the wide range of clients he has represented and worked with. The intelligence, insight and success of his clients keeps him motivated, enthusiastically engaged, and curious. Douglas Newby has worked with legendary CEOs of Fortune 50 companies, billionaires who have created business empires, and billionaires that have expanded their family’s business. In addition, he has represented phenomenal artists, actors, directors, designers, architects, writers, journalists and editors. Also, academics who have won the highest national honors and the highest university awards have been clients. So have bankers, attorneys, doctors and commercial real estate brokers relied on Douglas Newby as their real estate broker. Whether the client of Douglas Newby is a hedge fund founder creating wealth, or a sophisticated philanthropist dispersing wealth, Douglas Newby genuinely and unabashedly enjoys serving his clients and collaborating with them when they are buying or selling a home.