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Preservation Poetry

This Robert Frost style poem was inspired by my blog article on DouglasNewby.com- Preservation Dallas 50th Anniversary Home Tour Celebrates Neighborhoods and Architecture.

In neighborhoods, where history breathes,
Preservation Dallas, its mission weaves.
Fifty years have come and gone,
A golden era, a tale now spun.

With architect's passion and vision clear,
Neighborhoods standing, as we stand here.
A house, a home, a living tale,
In every brick and timbered bale.

Kessler Park and Swiss Avenue,
Touched by hands, old and new. Cheek and Fooshee, Dilbeck, too,
A tapestry of architects, their essence imbued.

Winds of change, they blow and gust,
Yet in these homes, our trust is thrust.
Oak Cliff and Munger Place, a story to share,
Intricate patterns, a legacy's heir.

As I wandered through these homes,
I felt the whispers, the ancient tomes.
Of lives well lived and dreams fulfilled,
In every corner, history distilled.

To celebrate these architects, we gather near,
Their talents, their visions, we revere.
For in their craft, they've woven time,
Preserved for us, a gift sublime.

We stand upon the shoulders of the great,
Their work, an anchor, against time's weight.
And as we walk the neighborhoods of yore,
A part of us, forevermore.

So let us celebrate this jubilant day,
In honor of those who've paved the way.
For through their work, we too shall see,
A past preserved, an eternal legacy. *Preservation Poetry

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