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A. Gruppo Architects Designed San Marcos Modern Home
San Marcos Modern Home

A. Gruppo Architects Design and Build Modern Homes

San Marcos Modern Home

2017 AIA Dallas Honor Award-winning house designed by Thad Reeves and Andrew Nance.

This modern home in San Marcos represents the skill, innovation and aesthetics of A. Gruppo Architects and the added benefit of Thad Reeves and Andrew Nance also acting as the contractors on this design-build project.

Modern Home

Here, even tethered by a 1908s soft seaside modern, the firm was able to renovate and double the size of the existing modern home and create a dynamic façade, reinterpreting modern expressions of light and space.

Modern San Marcos Home

It is always a tribute to an architect who successfully designs a home for another architect. An even greater tribute is when an architect designs a home for an interior designer and studio artist as is the case with this couple, an emeritus professor of interior design and a studio artist.

San Marcos Modern Home

Thad Reeves and Andrew Nance satisfied their client’s pragmatic desires of incorporating the existing square footage of the home, personal desire for a gallery, studio and library and the greater charge of achieving the aesthetic sculptural statement befitting a designer and artist.

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