Architect E. Ross Chandler Designed Home on Swiss Avenue

Architect E. Ross Chandler designed front porch in the Swiss Avenue Historic District at 6017 Swiss Avenue in Dallas.
There is something magical about the front terraces and porches on Swiss Avenue. Maybe the best front porch on Swiss Avenue is the one that architect E. Ross Chandler designed at 6017 Swiss Avenue.

6017 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas

At the top of Swiss Avenue on an elevated lot sits an architecturally significant home designed by architect E. Ross Chandler. This stately home is the perfect place to begin the 10-block tree-lined architectural journey down iconic Swiss Avenue boulevard, enjoying 100 homes designed by noted architects.

Swiss Avenue Historic District is comprised of architecturally significant homes like this one designed by E. Ross Chandler at 6017 Swiss Avenue in Dallas.
6017 Swiss Avenue designed by architect E. Ross Chandler is accentuated by antique street light and boulevard trees.

Early 20th Century Modern Architectural Influences are Found at 6017 Swiss Historic Home

The progressive influence of Prairie style is seen at 6017 Swiss Avenue. It introduces the early 20th century modern influence on Swiss Avenue that was overlaid with a wide range of other architectural styles. The solidity and grandeur of the home is immediately conveyed by the double-sized crushed granite bricks and maybe the best porch on Swiss Avenue, a street known for its porches and terraces that overlook the boulevard and neighbors walking by.

An element of an architecturally significant home is the materials used like architect E. Ross Chandler specified like this crushed granite brick at 6017 Swiss Avenue in Dallas.
The brick exterior of 6017 Swiss Avenue designed by architect E. Ross Chandler is both a double-size and it is two layers thick. The crushed granite material that makes up the brick adds to its solidity and prominence.

The polygonal dormer, deep overhangs with carved brackets, a front door with a streamlined ornate stone carved surround and leaded glass sidelights, and a wide front porch further distinguish this home. Grouped double-hung windows on every facade and French doors surrounding the first and second floor sunrooms allow much sunlight.

E. Ross Chandler designed this architecturally significant home at 6017 Swiss Avenue with architectural features reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright.
You can see how E. Ross Chandler was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright by the design of this dormer, the deep overhanging eaves and grouping of double-hung windows.

The Look of a Mansion, The Comfort of a Home

What has always fascinated me most about Swiss Avenue was how many of the homes on Swiss look like mansions, but are comfortable sized homes like this one with 3,500 square feet, four bedrooms, two and one-half bathrooms, with historic flourishes of quarter-sawn oak floors and two Rookwood tile fireplaces. The 400-square-foot guest quarters over the garage is another indicator of an early estate home on one-third of an acre lot.

The uniform heights and setbacks of the homes on Swiss Avenue overlooking the wide landscaped boulevard add to the prominence of the street developed with original architectural controls.

Architect E. Ross Chandler designed a home with the presence of an early 20th century modern mansion even though it is a relatively modest size at 6017 Swiss Avenue in Dallas.
This home with oversized crushed granite brick conveys the solidity and prominence of an early 20th century modern mansion despite it being a comfortable approximately 3,500 square feet.

Architectural Details of 6017 Swiss Avenue

Carved stone surround and sidelights enhance the front door at the house architect E. Ross Chandler designed at 6017 Swiss Avenue.
The front door of 6017 Swiss Avenue is enhanced by stone carvings and leaded glass sidelights.

The architectural details that architect E. Ross Chandler designed are also subtle indications of the grandeur of the home. Here at 6017 Swiss, one sees on the exterior carved stone, carved wood, a polygonal dormer, ornamental brackets, double-hung windows with corresponding trim, elaborate brick porch balustrades, and a stately pattern of oversized crushed granite brick.

One of the Best Front Porches On Swiss Avenue

6017 Swiss Avenue reflects the Prairie style influence of the homes found in the Swiss Avenue Historic District.
Swiss Avenue is architecturally known for homes that reflect the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright. The wide front porch, ornamental brackets, dormer and grouping of windows makes this home feel like it could fit in Oak Park.

Swiss Avenue is known for its front porches and terraces. They add much to the look of these fabulous homes, but they are also famously known to be enjoyed by the homeowners who watch their neighbors walk by and often stop to say hello. At 6017 Swiss Avenue, the wide front porch supported by rectangular brick columns has the added benefit of being at the top of Swiss Avenue as the street slopes up to this home. This site allows glorious views down the boulevard and also allows one to enjoy the breezes out of the southeast that sweep up the street. At 6017 Swiss Avenue the porch adds not to the technical square footage of the home but to the livability of the home. The rear terrace and outdoor kitchen further expand the livable space of the home.

6017 Swiss is a Home on Swiss Avenue that Catches One’s Attention

Every home on Swiss Avenue is meritorious, but some homes, like the one at 6017 Swiss Avenue, catches one’s eye.

Strolling down the Swiss Avenue boulevard one hears birds singing in front of 6017 Swiss Avenue.