University Park Home for Sale
Professors Cottage Close to SMU

2809 Westminster Avenue, Dallas, Texas

University Park was founded as a residence park surrounding SMU. Here is a classic two-bedroom, two-bathroom Tudor cottage owned by an SMU couple for forty years that is now being offered for sale.

University Park Deep Lot is Offered for Sale, Including Charming Home

This University Park home on a 50′ x 171′ lot has a spacious living room, large dining room and commodious informal living room and the two bedrooms retain the 1930s proportions. Here is a comfortable home with a floor plan and gardens conducive to entertaining. Since you will be purchasing the home at land value, you will enjoy the appreciation of the land while you enjoy living in the house.

University Park Investment

Here is a very attractive University Park location close to SMU. A deep lot with tall trees and an attractive home make this a good investment in the short or long term.