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The Dallas Museum of Art and Director Agustin Arteaga continues to inform and delight with a wide and deep spectrum of exhibitions. Recently opening was “Saints, Sinners, Lovers, and Fools: 300 Years of Flemish Masterworks.” Art history is more than the history of artistic technique or expression, it is history itself. We heard from Dr. Katharina Van Cauteren that the 16th century paintings in Antwerp and Flanders was the start of the art market. Artists began painting speculatively rather than painting solely on commission. An art market broadens the subject matter of paintings from predominantly portraits to landscapes, still lifes, and other vignettes that were in demand. The paintings seen are primarily curated from The Phoebus Foundation collection with strong Flemish paintings from the DMA interspersed. Oil paint was invented during this period, allowing the intense detail we are seeing in these paintings. An entire wall is dedicated to 20 prints that portray inventions and processes of the day, such as the machinery pressing olive oil. The beauty of art can be emotionally elevating, but the history of art and why it was made can illuminate our history. *Entrepreneurial Art
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