Armstrong-Berger, Dallas Landscape Architectural Firm

Landscape Architectural Firm

John Armstrong & Bruce Berger were trained in the firm of Boyd-Heiderich. They have continued in the tradition of Dick Heiderich merging architecture and landscape architecture into the finest result. They are responsible for the landscape design of many of Dallas’ most important estate homes and a major portion of their work is spread out between both coasts.

Example of Homes Landscape Architectural Firm Armstrong-Berger Designed

The Rachofsky House

Howard Rachofsky encouraged and allowed Richard Meier to explore and experiment in this 10,000 square foot home on Preston Road. The seemingly simple, effortlessly floating stark facade belies its massive and intricate structure that gives it its grace.


Restored and expanded a 1930’s Foshee and Cheek neo-classical revival along Armstrong Parkway in 2003-5.

Extensively landscaped by Armstrong-Berger.