Representing You

Representing You as a Buyer. Representing You as a Seller.

Good representation is measured in ounces, not pounds, in subtle increments of service, knowledge, anticipating the desires of a buyer or a seller, graceful negotiation and a result that exceeds your hopes.

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Determining the Real Value of Home

Representing you as a buyer or seller, we will help identify the distinguishing characteristics, the unnoticed but important attributes of the house, the real value of a home.

[quotation class=”half-quote”]One of our greatest contributions is helping determine the real value of a home as it is determined by its site, design and enduring appeal. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

A good real estate appraiser can determine the current market value of a home based on sales data. However, the real value of a property is different from a comparable market analysis based solely on the home’s square footage and lot size. The real value of a home is comprised of much more. How will a home appreciate in relationship to other properties? How will a home accommodate you and your family? How will you enjoy the home, its location, the neighbors and the community? Does the design of the home have an intrinsic value? Can the combination of these attributes be found at a lesser price or is the home you have selected the best value?

[quotation]Real estate appraisers and agents usually overvalue the inferior homes and undervalue the superior homes. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

The same attributes of your home that bring joy to your life will also resonate with the future buyer of your home.

Representing You as the Buyer

[quotation class=”custom-quote-1″]An informed and prepared buyer is always going to have an advantage in obtaining the best home at the best price. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

When we represent you as a buyer, we are dedicated to you and your next home. We help you discover the best homes. We also help identify the best professionals, lenders, appraisers, title companies, inspectors and surveyors who will help clarify and complete the transaction with the utmost diligence and grace. We want you to make the most informed decisions and secure the best price with a smooth and efficient transition to your new home.

[quotation wrap=”custom-wrap-2″]You benefit most if your new home has economic value and aesthetic value as well as value that’s personal and important to you. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

Representing You as a Seller

When we represent you as a seller, we will educate the community and buyers on the aesthetic achievement and the architectural impact of your home on the neighborhood and the city.

[quotation]When we represent you as a seller, you will know you have obtained a good price and conveyed your home to a new owner who understands and will enjoy the home and the contribution the home you created makes to Dallas. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

The more a buyer understands you home, the more value the home has and the more pleasure the home will provide the new owner.

Presenting Your Home with the Finest Architectural Photographers

[quotation]Once I have photographed a home, I feel I really know and understand the home. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

Great homes deserve great photography. Generic MLS photography might be fine for generic homes, but not for yours. You understand, as I do, that the best architectural photography quickly conveys the aesthetic essence of the home, its site and design. While I have had my own architectural photography published in books, magazines and journals, I retain Charles Smith, an architect and architectural photographer, to shoot the homes I offer for sale. You also see the work of Charles Smith on covers of Texas Architect, Luxe interiors + design, and other home and design magazines.

Charles Smith has photographed more award-winning projects for the Dallas AIA and Texas Society of Architects than any other photographer. He has also created beautiful images of many of the Architecturally Significant Homes in Dallas that I have sold.

When we are photographing a home, Charles and I work together to determine the right shots, frames, angles and lighting to convey the essence of the home.

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Articulating the Home

A photograph is worth a thousand words. The narrative describing the home summarizes the subliminal appeal and analyzes the special merits of the home.

[quotation wrap=”custom-wrap-4″]If one cannot write about a home, one cannot talk about a home. If a real estate agent cannot effectively write about a home, he or she cannot effectively talk about a home -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

It is customary for many real estate offices to have a copywriter for the office who churns out familiar descriptions for every house the office offers for sale. I personally write the text describing every home I offer for sale. Personally writing about the property, the home and its architecture helps the buyer understand the home better, but it also helps me discover and understand the real value of a home.

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Selling a Home Should be Satisfying, Not Stressful

[quotation class=”half-quote”]A successful strategy is satisfying. Uncertainty causes stress. A graceful sale and transition to your next home is fun. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

We provide in advance as much information about a home and property to a buyer as possible, and we encourage the seller to provide in advance as much information as they possibly can. We also encourage buyers to be prepared so that both parties will know, with certainty, the timing of the transaction and transition.

Prolonged closings test patience and deplete enthusiasm. Well-executed, efficient closings generate goodwill and enduring enthusiasm and appreciation for the respective parties.

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[quotation]Sellers are best able to achieve their goals when they are cognizant of a buyer’s needs. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

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