You Most Likely Have the Attributes of Our Real Estate Clients

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You contribute to the community philanthropically, professionally and personally. You also own or will be acquiring a home that contributes aesthetically and architecturally to the neighborhood and to the city. Your commitment to the community is a value we share.

[quotation]While the prices have changed, what remains the same is the quality of clients I represent. They remain the smartest people, who are most sensitive to economics and design. Every one of them is committed to making a difference in our city. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

Significant Homes® Is a Time Honored Brand

For over three decades our focus has been on architect designed estate homes and modern homes. That’s recognized by people in the community who appreciate good architecture. Whether we are offering significant period homes, midcentury modern homes or new architect designed homes, the marketplace knows that the homes we list for sale are homes of quality, importance and superior design. The significant properties we offer for sale transcend the clutter and noise created by the thousands of homes listed in MLS for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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[quotation]By offering the best homes and representing the finest clients, you have an advantage when I represent you. -Douglas Newby[/quotation]

Lang & Witchell Home built in the 1920s

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