Max Sandfield Midcentury For Sale in Mayflower Estates

10036 Hollow Way Road, Dallas, Texas
Mid-Century Modern Mayflower Estates Real Estate

10036 Hollow Way Road, Dallas, Texas

Preston Hollow Home – Sold by Douglas Newby

Architect Max Sandfield designed this midcentury modern home on a 1.13 acre site along the 25-acre Crespi / Hicks estate property. The result of this modern period home being located in the quiet and prestigious Mayflower Estates neighborhood and having 25 acres of estate land behind it, is a site that is secluded, prominent and private.

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Max M. Sandfield Mid-Century Modern Home in Mayflower Estates
Max M. Sandfield Mid-Century Modern Designed Home in Mayflower Estates

Mayflower Estates is a hidden neighborhood with winding streets, creeks and lakes. Mayflower Estates has the largest estate homes in Preston Hollow and the coolest midcentury modern homes.

This Max Sandfield modern home is a midcentury modern home that is buffered from three-story homes by the period architect designed homes beside it and the 12-acre garden of the Crespi / Hicks estate behind it.

Long, Sleek, Streamlined structure is Massed Perfectly for Site

The architect understood proportion and massing when he set this modern home deep on the lot, spanning almost the entire acre under the shade of mature trees. When our eye is accustomed to three-story vertical houses or even one- or two-story houses truncated on narrow lots, it is a joy to see the almost endless width of this well-designed contemporary home.

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