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Many of Dallas' best architect designed homes and building sites most suitable for future architecturally significant homes are financed by Dallas private banks. Now Pegasus Bank Dallas, led by Joe Goyne, who has been the leader in luxury banking, is open to serve you. Rather than a conventional mortgage, the bank president knows you, knows the value of the property, the architect, contractor, and worthiness of the project. The knowledge and the flexibility of a luxury private bank have facilitated many of Dallas' most important projects. Private banker, Joe Goyne is an example of a luxury private banker who has a passion and interest in Dallas architecture, history and design. Joe Goyne's own personal residences have received a Restoration Home of the Year award, have been designed by an award winning architect, or showcased on Dallas historic home tours. Currently, he is completing a country home designed by A. Hays Town of the legendary Louisiana architecture firm. As a private banker he has financed the construction, restoration or purchase of many Dallas estate homes, architecturally significant homes, and historic homes.

For further information contact Joe Goyne at Pegasus Bank Dallas at 214.357.3200 or visit www.pegasusbankdallas.com

Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.