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Speed Reading

A Christmas tradition in our family started, not when I received this speed-reading mechanical bear, but when my father did when I was a child. He so enjoyed narrating and showing off this speed-reading bear to family, friends and neighbors stopping by over the holidays that he received a mechanical toy every Christmas from then on. On Christmas Eve presents were opened, and on Christmas Day all the previous mechanical toys received at Christmas were brought out and put under the tree. And what a collection it was—from Charlie Weaver mixing a drink, drinking it, and smoke coming out of his ears, to the Neiman Marcus nursing dog. The tradition continued after my father was gone and I began receiving a mechanical toy every Christmas. *Speed Reading
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Baton Passed

The wonderful thing about being a real estate broker is not just seeing great houses, but meeting and getting to know wonderful people. This Henry B. Thomson architect-designed house is a beauty. Every time I go inside, I marvel at its proportions and why it instills such a pleasing sense of awe in a greater way than other important houses. Just having the opportunity to revisit that feeling would have been motivation enough to represent the seller and offer this architecturally significant home for sale. What was really thrilling was to represent a Hal Thomson homeowner who I met when I was in my 20s, when the homeowner was first looking at homes on Swiss Avenue. I have watched her renovate the home, maintain the home and contribute in a friendly and meaningful way to the neighborhood. This homeowner exemplifies why so many Swiss Avenue homeowners live on Swiss Avenue for decades—the comradery and friendly atmosphere, the proximity to downtown with skyline views popping up over the trees that grace the boulevard, the nationally celebrated neighborhood chef-owned restaurants, and the close proximity to the Santa Fe Trail and White Rock Lake. While the sale of this home invokes sentiment, it also brings joy to see this architecturally significant home being passed on to another homeowner who also loves historic homes, gardens, Dallas, and Swiss Avenue. The great houses survive 100 years because of great owners. This Hal Thomson-designed home has another one. I always strive for gracious transactions. This important home was listed, sold and closed in 19 days with all the participants delighted with the outcome and the future of the home. *Baton Passed

#HalThomson #HenryBThomson #Historic #ArchitecturallySignificant #Architect #Architecture #SwissAvenue #HistoricDistrict #Dallas #Neighborhood #OrganicUrbanism

Residential Link to Downtown

The city trails are busy. The tree-lined neighborhood residential streets remain tranquil. Isn’t it remarkable that one can ride a bike from White Rock Lake to the downtown Arts District through four linked single-family zoned historic and conservation districts and the Wilson Block Historic District on Swiss Avenue? While the Sante Fe and Katy Trails also provide enjoyable links from White Rock Lake to the Arts District, can you think of another city where one can ride several miles through the quiet residential streets surrounding downtown? The conservation district of Lakewood, the historic district of Junius Heights, the historic district of Munger Place, and the historic district of Peak Suburban protect the aesthetics and scale of the homes. The single-family zoning protects the neighborhood, keeping the density, traffic and number of cars parked on the curb low. People are fleeing cities where there is no refuge from high density neighborhoods. Cities that have added density to their neighborhoods have experienced destabilization and deterioration like Dallas once had when the neighborhoods were zoned multifamily. In Dallas, this deterioration was reversed when the neighborhoods were rezoned single-family. There is a push by some at City Hall to allow ADUs and backyard rental houses on every single-family zoned lot in Dallas. This would have a devastating effect on our tree-lined neighborhoods. Cities are fragile. We need to continue to nurture ours. *Residential Link to Downtown
#ADUs #LowDensity #BackyardRentalHouses #TreeLinedStreets #BikeRide #Trail #Path #Dallas #Neighborhood #DallasNeighborhood #City #OrganicUrbanism

Neo-Classical Sacred Design

Architect C.W. Bulger was part of early 20th century architectural royalty. Bulger came to Dallas in 1905 to design a prominent church. His classical architectural departure from the Gothic church style of the time prompted his invitation to design this neo classical church with Corinthian columns and a gold dome for the Gaston Avenue Baptist Church that is now Criswell College. His son, Clarence, who had just graduated from the University of Chicago, joined his practice and in 1907 they designed the first skyscraper in Dallas, the Praetorian Building. The father and son architectural firm went on to design elegant and refined homes on Swiss Avenue and in Highland Park, Lakewood and Northern Hills. The foundation of Dallas architecture was made up of great architects that included C.W. Bulger, Hal Thomson, Lang & Witchell, C.D. Hill, Marion Fooshee, James Cheek and others. *Neo-Classical Sacred Design #CWBulger #GastonAvenueBaptistChurch #CriswellCollege #Architecture #Architects #Neoclassical #Dallas #SacredSpaces #Design

Raised Eyebrow

As a contractor once said, “If you are going to give a home a facelift, start with the eyebrows.” While renovation will make this charming Craftsman cottage fresher and more elegant, this home is also a good reminder that gentrification is underrated. It is worth noting that working class homeowners, teachers, journalists, and artists bought and fixed up houses in the neighborhood and helped change the apartment zoning to single-family zoning. This prevented large apartment complexes to be built that would have had expensive rent and cause the affordable homes like this one to be torn down. Gentrification from renovation is a slow process. Gentrification started 45 years ago in the now historic districts of Munger Place, Junius Heights, and Peak Suburban Additions. It is nice that this Junius Heights historic district home is now taking its turn at renovation. *Raised Eyebrow
#JuniusHeights #GentrificationIsUnderrated #EyebrowDormer #OldEastDallas #SingleFamilyZoning #Neighborhood #Dallas #Architecture #Historic #Revitalization

Angle of Howard Meyer

The Howard Meyer angle makes an impact on architecture, neighborhoods and Dallas. This great architect did all three across Dallas. At White Rock Lake in 1939 he set the tone for classic estate homes overlooking the lake. On Turtle Creek Blvd. he designed 3525 Turtle Creek, a residential high-rise, that gave panache, style and elegance to Turtle Creek that became known for prestigious high-rises. In 1953, Howard Meyer with architect Max Sandfield designed Temple Emanu-El, a sacred space for a religious community, that became the pride of the Dallas community. In Greenway Parks Howard Meyer designed a midcentury modern home in 1950 that propelled the design of many other architecturally significant midcentury modern homes in Greenway Parks. In 1982 Jim and Carolyn Clark retained Howard Meyer to consult with on the home's renovation. The result was a midcentury modern residence that renewed interest in midcentury modern homes in Dallas. The current owners’ further renovation maintained this modern home as a beacon for the best architects in Dallas to come to Greenway Parks and design architecturally significant homes here. *Angle of Howard Meyer
#HowardMeyer #Architect #Architecture #GreenwayParks #OrganicUrbanism #HomesThatMakeUsHappy #ArchitecturallySignificant #Modern #Mid-Century

September Dawn

Highland Park is associated with opulence, architecture, Highland Park Village, success and prestige. What is easy to forget is that the township of Highland Park is attractive in the way any small town or village is attractive. Highland Park is made up of tree-tunneled streets and tree-lined boulevards, perfect for riding a bike, running, or walking through the many serene neighborhoods linked by parks. During the pandemic one often sees more people than cars. One visits with neighbors and friends passing on the sidewalks and quiet streets. Highland Park is surrounded by the vibrant neighborhoods of Dallas; however, homeowners can still enjoy the timeless attributes of a gentle neighborhood and natural beauty. *September Dawn
#September #Dawn #HighlandPark #Village #Neighborhood #StreetScene #Landscape #Photography #Parkway #TreeTunnel #Dallas #JoySpotting #OrganicUrbanism

Masks Make All the Difference

My artistic loyalty was always to the Peruna IV statue on campus that served as a gravestone for the late SMU pony mascot. New stadiums, new arenas, new parking buildings, new Georgian buildings with wider columns, and the new large sculpture of three mustangs, all convey the rapid 21st century growth and current personality of SMU. A circle created for the three mustang sculpture in the new middle of campus surrounded by athletics facilities just seemed too much—until now. On a recent Dallas bike ride through the SMU campus, I broke into a huge smile when I saw these masked mustangs. A sculpture I had always thought was kind of trite and gauche became utterly adorable. It made me think that if I was an incoming freshman, my first stop at the SMU bookstore would be to purchase several SMU t-shirts with these masked mustangs on the front. What better way to exhibit school spirit, be socially supportive of masks and be fashionable. I say fashionable since my sartorial statement my freshman year was wearing a different SMU t-shirt to class every day. This was prompted by a couple of things - in the tumultuous times school spirit had a throwback feel to it. Isn’t a throwback style always in fashion in some sort of avant-garde way? Besides, I negotiated with my parents that they would pay my university bookstore bill. I was so excited to find SMU t-shirts were sold next to the books. The end of August always reminds me of arriving at SMU for my freshman year. I hope that the SMU freshman class has a great year and enjoys SMU as much as I did. *Masks Make All the Difference
#MaskedMustangs #SMU #Dallas #SMUtshirt #SMU_bookstore #schoolspirit #HighlandPark #UniversityPark #SMUcampus #DallasNeighborhood #joyspotting

Hawk on Henderson

Hawks have such a powerful presence. Havoc replaces tranquility when they arrive—songbirds disappear. Hawks are associated with hunting and domination. It was with great amusement that I watched this hawk patiently annoyed. I guess it is like sitting on a porch on a hot day with a fly or gnat buzzing around. While one could easily and violently dispose of this distraction, is it really worth the effort? *Hawk on Henderson
#HawkAttack #Henderson #OldEastDallas #Neighborhood #DallasNeighborhood #DowntownNeighborhod #OrganicUrbanism #Dallas #UrbanNeighborhood

Neighborhood of Theaters

There are few buildings that I am as sentimental about as the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed theater. Listening to the talk by the architects of Diller Scofidio+Renfro and the Dallas Theater Center artistic director Kevin Moriarty, I realized sometimes architects come across as boring and pedantic, but when they are speaking from a Frank Lloyd Wright stage, it comes across as a thrilling performance. As I reflected on the many plays that I have seen in this space, I think I could watch someone read out of a phone book in this Frank Lloyd Wright theater and be mesmerized. The message from the architects was that they want to make this site an urban attraction by renovating the Frank Lloyd Wright theater and adding two new theaters. They also want to respect the natural beauty of the Turtle Creek site. The architects reviewed many of their projects where their designs and programs took clues from the site, whether they were subtle, like grass growing between broken concrete, or obvious, like a large body of water. May I suggest for this project they take their architectural clues from the Turtle Creek Park niche neighborhood right across the street from the theater? Here is a neighborhood of just 39 homes that draws residents from many blocks away that want to walk or jog through the neighborhood to enjoy the delightful forested topography of this hidden neighborhood. Nature is the draw for this neighborhood that is also the closest to the most enticing vibrancy of Dallas. It is backed up to the Katy Trail and just around the corner from many of Dallas’ favorite retail districts. The next niche neighborhood along Turtle Creek is Northern Hills. It also combines nature and vibrancy. Hopefully, this new Turtle Creek theater neighborhood will be as successful combining nature and vibrancy, not disturbing this corridor of Turtle Creek niche neighborhoods but becoming one of them. *Neighborhood of Theaters
#DallasTheaterCenter #KalitaHumphreysTheater #FrankLloydWright @Diller_Scofidio_Renfro
#FrankLloydWrightTheater #TurtleCreek #NicheNeighborhoods #TurtleCreekPark #NorthernHills #KatyTrail #Dallas #Theater #Neighborhood #ArchitecturallySignificant #HistoricallySignific

Consortium of Community

While we stay at home, others are staying at home advancing the plans for the Frank Lloyd Wright theater. Many people have been incredibly involved and through their inspiration, passion and diligence propelled the preservation plan for the Frank Lloyd Wright theater project to this step of hiring the architectural firm of Diller Scofidio+Renfro. On stage at the end of the program discussing the approach to this Turtle Creek site and renovation of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed theater are some of the key people that the baton has been passed to. They will be critical to the success of this project. I am pleased that the three lead architects are from New York but with Texas and Dallas roots. This project falls in a district of city councilperson Dave Blewett who understands the nuances of neighborhoods, Suzanne Smith is the Art Commissioner, Kevin Moriarty as the artistic director of the Dallas Theater Center is also a leading voice for theater in Dallas, and in the center is the chairman of this project. This good looking group is the tip of the iceberg for all the people who have worked on the project and for all of the people who will be needed for this Frank Lloyd Wright theater project to come to fruition. *Consortium of Community
@Diller_Scofidio_Renfro #DillerScofidioRenfro @DallasTheaterCenter #DavidBlewett #SuzanneSmith #FrankLloydWright #FrankLloydWrightTheater #FrankLloydWrightTheaterRenovation #Dallas #DallasNeighborhood #TurtleCreek

Organic Urbanism

This striped woodpecker is enjoying foraging on the trunk of a walnut tree in front of a home a young family purchased from their church 50 years ago for less than $10,000. The great grandparents still reside here, as do occasionally members of succeeding generations. The best affordable homes are structures that can be patched together, fixed up and become a home through successive generations that enjoy the tall trees, front porches, birds, flowers and wildlife that also enjoy an organic urban neighborhood. *Organic Urbanism
#Woodpecker #OrganicUrbanism #HistoricHome #UrbanBirds #Family #Neighbors #Neighborhood #CityLife #Dallas #HistoricDistrict #PrairieStyle #WalnutTree #Home #AffordableHousing

Hidden in Plain Sight

With the trails packed with people, now is the time to enjoy alternative walks like those along the original boulevard at SMU that leads to Dallas Hall. In the middle of the boulevard is the newest building disguised by the Georgian motif found on campus. A month ago, I discovered what was beyond the façade. Brad Cheves, the best university development director in the country, gave me an inside look at the indoor football practice facility prior to an SMU Town and Gown meeting being held in the adjoining dining room. In the next image you will see SMU professor, former law school dean and SMU faculty athletic advisor Paul Rogers put on a smiling face in front of this addition to the campus. I say “hidden” because you would never really guess this building, right next to the dorms and across the street from the Meadows School of the Arts, in the prime spot on the boulevard leading to the Dallas Hall, is a full-length practice football field. I say “in plain sight” because it is just a few feet away from my first floor McGinnis Hall freshman dorm room window. Every day for decades I used to swim in the 50-meter pool which now would be between the 10- and 35-yard lines. *Hidden in Plain Sight
#SMU #PaulRogers #TownAndGown #SMUBoulevard #SMUIndoorFootballPracticeField #SMUNeighborhood #UniversityPark #Dallas #ParkCities #SMU #highland park

Luxury and Nuance

The Barry Whistler Gallery is the last gallery I visited before I was sent home. The drawings by Jay Shinn still leave an impression. Seldom is so much done with what looks like so little. This drawing subtly shimmers, shines and radiates as this pencil drawing merges the silver and gold fine pencil strokes into a framed piece of art that draws one to it like a magnet until one finds their nose near the glass admiring the visual texture created by the exquisite hand of artist Jay Shinn, shown by appointment at the Barry Whistler gallery. *Luxury and Nuance
#JayShinn @Jay_Shinn_Art @BarryWhistlerGallery #BarryWhistlerGallery #DallasNeighborhood #DesignDistrict #Dallas #Art #Design #Drawing #Exhibition #ContemporaryArt #ModernArtGallery #Artist


A cedar elm-shaded street makes parkway grass hard to grow. But as the lawn man says, “No matter how small the yard or how thin the grass, I will mow it.” And, “You can count on me to give you an honest five minutes’ work.” As anthropologists note, the smaller the village, the bigger the festival. Maybe the smaller the yard, the bigger the mower. This paltry patch of parkway grass might not be special, but the Mercedes-ornamented mower certainly is. Across the street, the high-tech engineer opts to propel a very old-school hand-push reel mower. A study in lawn care contrasts. *LawnMowerOverkill
#Overkill #DallasLawn #Lawnmower #SitDownMower #SmallerTheLawnBiggerTheMower #HonestFiveMinutesWork #Mercedes #Lawncare #DallasHome #Dallas #Neighborhood

State of Hall

Craftsmen and contractors last month were working on the crevices of the building and re-stabilizing major components of the building. Several years ago at the invitation of the late Rita Clements, the wife of Texas Governor Bill Clements, I served on the Executive Committee of the Dallas Historical Society for almost ten years. During this time, along with the late Robert Hyer Thomas, we pushed back against the proposal to discontinue the possession of the historical artifacts collected and owned by the Dallas Historical Society. The executive director had proposed photographing the collection and putting it online so that there would be no more responsibility for the preservation and maintenance of the individual objects. In fairness, this proposal was precipitated by the Hall of State building that still had an aura of majesty on the inside and outside, but was crumbling from within and out. Roof leaks were being patched with tarp and plywood. Buckets would be catching water dripping from 30 feet above. The problem was decades of leaky finances and leaky roofs. The storage spaces for the collection looked like a garage sale before it was organized. It is comforting and exciting to see the renewed interest in Fair Park. Its management is being put into private hands and the public supported city designated bonds to pay for the renovation of the Hall of State. There might not be any other place in Texas that so fully embodies and feels so embued in Texas history as the Texas Hall of State. *State of Hall
#HallOfState #FairPark #TexasHistory #Renovation #Murals #Dallas #CityOfDallas #HistoricallySignificant #ArchitecturallySignificant #ArchitectDesigned #Neighborhood#Design #Historic #History


Just look up in the Hall of State building and see the elevated design of art modernity. Art Deco in Dallas celebrating Texas permeates Fair Park, especially in the Hall of State building. My out-of-town guests were fascinated by the names, plaques, emblems, icons and inscriptions on the buildings that in themselves offered pages of Texas history. Undergoing renovation, one can get a fresh look at this aesthetic icon representing the triumphs of Dallas and Texas. *TEX-DEC
#HallOfState #Ceiling #ArtModerne #ArtDeco #TexasDeco #Dallas #Texas #Neighborhood #FairPark #Art #Design #Architecture #TexasHistory #ArchitecturallySignificant #Design #Historic #HistoricallySignificant #Modern

Esplanade Private Performance

Entering an empty Fair Park is such a treat. The magnificent 1936 Art Deco buildings are a timeless look at Dallas and Texas. My visiting friends often go on National Trust for Historic Preservation exhibitions and have a great love of history. As soon as we walked down the esplanade, the fountains began their vertical dance. I told my friends that I had arranged the performance specifically for them. The fountains did add magic to the fabulous buildings and their 1930s muraled facades. The Hall of State is undergoing renovation and future plans for Fair Park are being formalized. Seeing Fair Park now is like going on a private tour of a museum on a Monday when it is closed to the public. Fair Park is an asset that no other city has or could create. *Esplanade Private Performance
#FairPark #Esplanade #ArtDeco #Preservation #TexasDeco #1936 #Murals #Dallas #Neighborhoods #DowntownNeighborhoods #Renovation #Fountains #Art #Painting #History #Park #Architecture #Design #ArchitecturallySignificant #HistoricallySignificant

Philanthropists Explore Dallas

Last month good friends, philanthropists and world travelers, who I met on the front row at the TED conference over a dozen years ago, visited Dallas. Their network of leaders in education, preservation, health and other disciplines is amazing. Knowing their fondness of food, taking me to great restaurants in their hometown of Chicago, and to the best restaurants in Vancouver, it was with confidence our first stop was Khao Noodle. They loved it. Our second stop was ice cream—another way they judge a city. When I show friends and clients Dallas, I am exhilarated by their reaction to the city. Museums are fabulous, but what is interesting to me in a city are the neighborhoods. The city’s pattern of neighborhood development is like rings on a tree. Understanding the neighborhoods allows one to understand the history of a city and its future. The gentleman requested a route for his 4-mile audiobook speed-listening morning walk. My recommendation was similar to the same path where I take people first. Walk down Turtle Creek to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed theater center, down the private drive of Turtle Creek Park where one sees a John Allen Boyle-designed Mediterranean home across from a Frank Welch designed modern home, on through the neighborhood and through Northern Hills to Knox Street, and then jump on the Katy Trail back to the John Allen Boyle designed Mansion. With his wife, we then weaved through the Fitzhugh corridor lined with historic and conservation districts and modest neighborhoods infiltrated by architect-designed modern homes and way too many generic apartments. Swiss Ave on to the Arts District just 20 blocks away, through Deep Ellum, Fair Park, Lakewood, White Rock Lake, SMU, Highland Park, Greenway Parks, Volk Estates, Bluffview, Preston Hollow, and interspersed subneighborhoods. Their overriding impression was how clean Dallas was and how low the buildings were. In Dallas we often forget how clean our city is and how many neighborhoods we still have that are only two stories, filled with gardens and trees. *Philanthropists Explore Dallas
#Dallas #DallasNeighborhoods #TourOfDallas #City #DallasVisit

Entrance to Dallas

Visitors arriving in Dallas for the first time were visually greeted by a deteriorated building ravaged by time and destruction—at the entrance to downtown Dallas. This might be a common sight in struggling older cities, but not expected in the gleaming city of Dallas. On the visitors’ next trip, instead of seeing this, the leaning tower that would not fall, they will see a shining new $7 billion development—a more fitting look for Dallas. *Entrance to Dallas
#LeaningTowerOfDallas #DowntownDallas #Dallas #DallasNeighborhood #UrbanDecay #Demolition #Deterioration #UrbanRenewal #FirstImpression #EntranceToDallas #Architecture #Engineering #Design #Development #DallasDevelopment

Niche Neighborhood

My favorite neighborhoods are niche neighborhoods. My real estate business started exclusively in niche neighborhoods and much of my business continues in niche neighborhoods, most of them having fewer than 100 houses, from Turtle Creek Park to Mayflower Estates. These neighborhoods all have expensive homes but, more important, they are filled with homes of charm, character and architectural significance nestled into nature. I recently posted a video of Northern Hills on my Architecturally Significant Homes YouTube channel that discusses the reasons Northern Hills is a favorite neighborhood. *Niche Neighborhood
#DallasNeighborhoods #NicheNeighborhoods #Dallas #NorthernHills #NorthernHillsConservationDistrict #KatyTrail #TurtleCreek #ArchitecturallySignificantHomes #HistoricallySignificantHomes #Cragmont #OrganicUrbanism #architecure #architects

Feline Perspective

This is the only art video exhibition that I have seen of changing video sequences that feel more like daily life than a video art installation. The neon tube structure is so captivating that one almost accepts the changing video vignette as everyday life in a neon house. A lounging cat does suggest what many already suspect—that humans are subordinate to their pets. It is certainly cats that claim homes on their own terms. *Feline Perspective
#Feline #Cat #VideoArt #ModernArt #ContemporaryArt #ArtOpening #DMA #ArtExhibition #Dallas @DallasMuseumArt #DowntownNeighborhood #Design #ContemporaryHome #ModernHome #Modern #Art #JoySpotting

DMA Collection

There are many people responsible for acquiring an art museum’s collection and making an exhibition of some of that collection come to life. Dallas has many great art patrons. Dallas Museum of Art also has a fabulous director and innovative curators, along with a collection committee that acquires local, national and international work. Here, one enters this chapel sculpture, and I, by chance, had the opportunity to meet the artist and see the chair of the Art Acquisition Committee of the DMA admiring this work. It was fitting that I was in this sculpture of a chapel as I occasionally pray that the artwork buried somewhere in the Dallas Art Museum is unearthed and displayed. It was fun to see how excited Gayle was to see this piece of art in person that she had only previously seen in slides. What better way to view the graphically illustrated interior of this structure than with the artist and chair of the Art Acquisition Committee. *DMA Collection
#GayleStoffel #Chapel #GraphicArt #GraphicIllustrations #ArtMuseum #ArtInstallation #DallasMuseumOfArt #DMA #Art #Artist #DallasNeighborhood #Dallas #Modern #GraphicArt #GraphicIllustration

Narrow Perspective

Many acclaimed houses project a rather narrow perspective. They emphasize the architecture, design, art, engineering, technology, the latest materials and many windows. This piece of art captures all of that successfully, visually drawing me to it. However, the rugged modest representations of dwellings and space still have a more lingering effect and lasting impression on my imagination. *Narrow Perspective
#ContemporarySculpture #Design #ContemporaryArt #ModernArt #ArtMuseum #ArtCollection @DallasMuseumArt #DMA #Dallas #DallasArtsDistrict #Design #Contemporary Design #downtownneighborhood #dallasneighborhoods

Primitive Look at Houses

An artist pictures the life of a home that does not show up on an architect’s drawing board. This painting quickly caught my attention as one of my favorite clients who is from New Orleans has a painting by this female artist in her home. When I first saw it in her home I did not know the name of the artist. It was not prominently displayed over the fireplace, but it had museum quality about it. Sure enough, this artist was collected by the Dallas Museum of Art and displayed in this art exhibition about houses. The foremost quality of a home is that it should make people happy. The artist captures the happiness this home generates. *Primitive Look at Houses
#LouisianaArt #PrimitiveArt #PaintingOfHome #House #LouisianaNeighborhood @DallasMuseumArt #DMA #ArtCollection #Painting #Art

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National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby knows the most about Dallas.