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Primitive Look at Houses

An artist pictures the life of a home that does not show up on an architect’s drawing board. This painting quickly caught my attention as one of my favorite clients who is from New Orleans has a painting by this female artist in her home. When I first saw it in her home I did not know the name of the artist. It was not prominently displayed over the fireplace, but it had museum quality about it. Sure enough, this artist was collected by the Dallas Museum of Art and displayed in this art exhibition about houses. The foremost quality of a home is that it should make people happy. The artist captures the happiness this home generates. *Primitive Look at Houses
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House of Illumination

Lighting is so critical for a home. In a forest or on a lake, a home might be illuminated by moonlight. In Highland Park, lighting designer John Watson invented moon lighting in trees that became a signature look of Dallas. Clear white light inside a home pleases homebuyers. Art lighting focuses attention on spaces or objects that are desirable attributes of a home. Windows create a desire to look inside a home, and once inside look out. What is better than multilight windows providing a glimpse of cupid inside that suggests pleasant residential dreams. In this art installation of a house, lighting is not serving as an amendment to the house, but it is the house. *House of Illumination
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Residential Angle

One of the great things about bringing work out of the DMA archives is that we have a chance to see great art that has been hidden. We also have the opportunity to see works of art we know and be reminded of the art collectors who donated the work to the Dallas Museum of Art. In Dallas, Roger Winter is a much-admired artist. I have always loved his work and even more his artist friendship with David McManaway, a longtime friend, neighbor and an artist I revere. Artists have a way of integrating art into their lives and incorporating their studios into their homes, or in some cases their home into their studios. I saw this early on from the home and studio of James Surls and many important Tremont artists who did much of their early work in Munger Place. Deep Ellum is a neighborhood with which I was very involved in the rezoning, preservation and early revitalization. I would visit the original 1800s formal living quarters over an original office or retail shop. This painting by Roger Winter, for me, is both nostalgic and hopeful. On the corner of the mixed-use neighborhood, you see the neoclassical columns that lead to a second-story residence over the Oasis restaurant. Streets are not closed off, forcing people to inhabit Disneyland-like plazas. Cars are still allowed on streets and pedestrians are still shown on the sidewalks with park benches nearby. The neighborhood looks like it might have had a better past and that it might have a better future, but it conveys opportunity and affordability and a pleasant scale that is lost with government subsidized five-story apartment buildings. *Residential Angle
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Home Sweet Home

When I see affordable housing in the form of government projects, I recoil at how grim they are or will become. Whenever I see a modest single-family home in person, or a shotgun house, or simple houses depicted in art, I feel so happy that a low-income person can claim a home as their own. In the last few generations there are many prominent Dallas residents who spent their youth in sod houses such as architect David Williams, or Dogtrot frame houses, or small cottages, or even childhood homes like that of our former great city manager, John Ware, who was raised in a home with polished dirt floors. Aesthetically, I find this home poetic and beautiful—its materials, context, simplicity and what it represents. *Home Sweet Home
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Lovers of Houses

Here is a house that I think @IngridFetell would love—a house that provokes dreams of joy. Here architecture and art from a distance transform, and as one gets closer, into a sense of play, an underrated aspect of any home. Flower boxes and cupid—what better way to bring in spring. *Lovers of Houses
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For a Dreamer of Houses

For a Dreamer of Houses. This Dallas Museum of Art installation is a perfect exhibition for someone like me who likes looking at art that celebrates houses more than going through a conveyor belt of generic houses. Most real estate agents and many others love going through any house. I don’t particularly love going through houses, but I do love spending enormous amounts of time in a home that captures my imagination. It might be the proportions, the materials, the relationship to the site, the context to the neighborhood, city, history, or might provoke a feeling of contentment, nostalgia, or optimism. I maybe even love more looking at art about homes. Art, whether it is photographs, paintings, sculpture or mixed media, goes deeper on why homes impact us in such a powerful and sometimes unknown way. Why does one enter one home and feel good and then enter another home and feel like one’s consciousness has just taken a beating? This exhibition curated from the DMA’s permanent collection conveys grand homes, futuristic spaces, modest homes and sacred spaces, but each piece provides a sense of exhilaration and is a reminder of the impact residential space has on the essence of one’s being. As you enter the art exhibition, you will see at the end of a long approach a simple classic shape of a pitched roof house framed by a glorious and grand barrel vault. This is the perfect site for a house framed by neon tubes generating joy. *For a Dreamer of Houses
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Morse Curate and Illluminate

Jed Morse curates and illuminates the Barry X Ball Remaking Sculpture exhibition and animates the Renzo Piano-designed Nasher in the heart of Dallas’ downtown neighborhood. The translucence of stone sculptures intensely lit radiates a jewel-like quality while exuding equal parts historicity and technology. We are so lucky to have Nasher Director Jeremy Strick and Curator Jed Morse in Dallas bringing an outstanding series of exhibitions to Dallas and the Arts District. Thank you, Jeremy and Jed. *Morse Curate and Illluminate
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History Files

History is filed in so many ways. The history of neighborhoods is exhibited like the rings of a tree. Newspaper files are a treasure trove of illuminating the history and the provenance of houses, architects, and events that shape a city. The hidden artwork stored in museums express the collecting fashion of past eras. A chronological sequence of presidential portraits, whether seen while in line at the original Highland Park Cafeteria, or at the Presidential Portrait Museum in Washington, D.C., provides a synopsis of U.S. history. What a fun surprise to see busts of historical figures at the Royal Academy mined from the archives. This exhibition reminds us how the temporal importance of an individual today fades to memory, while the impact of that person might linger forever. Historical exhibitions can seem like a dreary trudge through time, or like this vibrant collection of portrait sculptures, they can heighten one’s energy and awareness. I am still smiling at the visual of a bust of historic figures mounted on a file cabinet pedestal. Down the hall of the Royal Academy, one can see the retrospective and evolution of self-portraits of Lucian Freud—another march through history. At the National Gallery in a nearby neighborhood, the exhibition of Paul Gauguin portraits provided me the best understanding of Paul Gauguin as an artist in the time period in which he lived. Portraits capture the essence of the moment. Art retrospectives give us our clearest view of history. *History Files
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Archer Tales

Is there a better living storyteller than Jeffrey Archer? One of the things I love about Dallas is that prominent readers, artists, and authors will come through Dallas and one has a chance to meet them in a very intimate setting, where in New York one might be relegated to a back room for videofeed. Outside of Dallas, London is my favorite city because it is large and imposing like New York, but it has incredible intimacy and accessibility like Dallas. At Hatchard’s, my favorite bookstore, Jeffrey Archer spoke for over an hour and conversed for almost another hour with about 70 people that included his wife, son, original publisher that is pictured, his current editor, and many of his friends at the 40th Anniversary of the publication of Kane and Abel. I have always enjoyed his writing through the years, but there is something special about listening to an author, their thoughts, approach, and personal interest that gives even greater depth to their stories. Jeffrey Archer’s most current book Nothing Ventured is another one of his books I could not put down and read within a day or two. Thank you Hatchard’s for being such great literary sherpas and bringing in authors that revere Hatchard’s as much as we revere the authors. *Archer Tales
#JeffreyArcher #Author #BookSigning #Neighborhood #London #Books #Hatchards

Art Floods Architecture

One of my favorite pieces of art is from the collection of Heidi Dillon, a photograph of a model of a flooded room by James Casebere. Now to see at the Royal Academy an extraordinarily elegant and important historic room really flooded with a saline solution of clay by Antony Gormley was breathtaking. This transgression violates all principles of great architecture and yet it celebrates architecture. Rather than the panic that comes if a room in one’s own home floods, here there is a tranquility that transpires by the reflective depths of this flooded surface. The room is solid, it still stands, and might be even more beautiful as art floods the floor. *Art Floods Architecture
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Architecture and Art

The Royal Academy is always one of my first stops in London. The approach to the Burlington House is a splendid prelude to the art and architecture one is about to see. Rather than an academy thwarting creative expression, it gives art and architecture a thoughtful curatorial foundation. The combination of artists and architects comprising the Academy tends to tether the artists by the precision and engineering of architects, and architects, in turn, might be provoked to work outside a grid. This combination of the influences of the Royal Academy always creates shows in an imposing historic space that is beautifully composed, exquisitely proportioned, and beautifully hung. The work of Antony Gormley creates additional appreciation for the architecture of each space that submitted to his strong work, with different expressions cascading from one gallery to the next. Art and architecture is so different, which makes both more powerful when it is intertwined at the Royal Academy. *Architecture and Art
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Café Pacific – Menu for Holiday

New red menus were just published for the holiday season at Café Pacific. Jack Knox’s iconic Highland Park restaurant is on the holiday menu for so many in Dallas. Its clublike atmosphere has the best combination of great food by the talented chef Terry Cook, the finest wait staff in Dallas, tradition and vibrancy that transcends the age and wealth of many of its longtime patrons. Holiday cheer exudes from Café Pacific for those returning to Dallas, those currently living in Dallas, and those new to Dallas that quickly discover Café Pacific. No restaurant says Highland Park and Dallas better than Café Pacific. Thank you, Jack Knox! And many thanks to all of those that contribute to the service, fun, and civility that one always enjoys at lunch or dinner—Manager Dieter Krappl, Elizabeth, Emory, Peter, Mark, Lazlo, Walter …
*Café Pacific – Menu for Holiday
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Shoots Legends – Is Legend

Andy Hanson was a high society and event newspaper photographer that shot and captured Dallas. The lens of Andy Hanson chronicled the history of Dallas and interpreted Dallas for the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century. Andy Hanson was a prominent figure with a subtle presence that caught the essence of celebrities, entertainers, sports figures, Dallas leaders, and socialites. I purchased three of his photographs at a gallery over 30 years ago because they were fabulous photographs and to me conveyed Dallas. His portrait of H.L. Hunt at his desk with an oil derrick on it, looking out his office window at the Dallas skyscrapers, projected the iconic bigness of Dallas. The photograph of the Beatles at their Dallas press conference, when on their first U.S. tour, showed that Dallas was an emerging city attracting this Fab Four sensation. The photograph of Judy Garland on a rainy night looking out her limousine rear window, leaving the Majestic out the backdoor just a step ahead of the tax man as she made her escape, invoked the stories I heard from longtime Dallas residents and their memories of Dallas. Memories have been shared from a time when Dallas had one foot in an intimate small town and one foot in a bigtime city. Even when Dallas was small, it attracted national politicians and talented artists, both those emerging and those that had arrived. Dallas has been a city big enough to attract the most prominent figures and small enough for the average person to meet them. We were always able to meet them in the newspaper where Andy Hanson photographs would greet us. I would never think of having a party without Andy Hanson both as a guest and a photographer. Everyone with an interest in art, photography, or Dallas, should see this exhibition at the SMU DeGolyer Library. *Shoots Legends – Is Legend
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I.M. Pei Eye

Now, whenever I see the Chillida sculpture in front of the Meyerson Symphony Center, I will think of the triangulation of the architect I.M. Pei, the artist Eduardo Chillida, and Dallas inspirational citizen Margaret McDermott. A letter from I.M. Pei to Eduardo Chillida expressing his pleasure of meeting Eduardo Chillida and seeing his work is displayed next to the letter from Margaret McDermott to Eduardo Chillida. *I.M. Pei Eye
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Basque Artist Links to Dallas

The letter from Margaret McDermott to Eduardo Chillida was the biggest surprise of the museum. I had already been surprised by the size and seclusion of the glorious land, the captivating sculpture, and you can imagine how surprised I was by finding on the display table inside the museum a letter from Margaret McDermott to Eduardo Chillida inviting him to lunch at her home in Dallas to further discuss this site and his sculpture for the new Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. I am sure I am not alone in not knowing or forgetting that the sculpture in front of the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas was designed by Eduardo Chillida. This is an important piece for Dallas and was an important commission for the artist. How fun that Margaret McDermott linked the two in Dallas. *Basque Artist Links to Dallas
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Basque Sculpture Museum

Museums are in the city. Churches, estate homes, and castles are in the countryside. At least this is what I have come to anticipate. So, how fabulous to find a museum secluded in the countryside. The Chillida Museum was at one time the home of Eduardo Chillida. This artist dreamed of turning his land into a sculpture garden. In addition to this accomplishment, the Chillida home was turned into a museum. What a great example of architecturally significant adaptive use. The interior of the home was gutted, but this emphasized the structure of the residence, the thickness of the walls, and the materials. The interior accommodates the program of the museum and still allows a residential feel to linger. The interior materials and expressions reflect the region while making a strong architectural statement. *Basque Sculpture Museum
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Basque Sculpture

This sculpture, to me, represents Basque Country. The iron could have come from the Pyrenees, emerging from the ground and blending into trees reflects the countryside, and the fluidity of these monumental shapes invokes the power of the sea. Why are some regions known for smokestacks or technology centers and others are known for artisanship? It has just occurred to me that the roots of any indigenous art/architecture is artisanship. Distinctive Basque houses, similar in style, materials, color are not monotonous because of the obvious and subliminal artisanship. San Sebastian might have the most Michelin Star restaurants per capita of any city in the world. The Mayor of San Sebastian, visiting Dallas for the international New Cities conference, gave me a San Sebastian apron. Of course, I had him sign it! From the hand-crafted, flavorful, hearty pintxos found along the old city streets of San Sebastian to the 20-course foam-dominated tasting menu of Arzak, by Chef Elena Arzak, previously named best female chef in the world, culinary artisanship is a way of life. San Sebastian is even the site of the international fireworks competition. After formulamatic fireworks displays to which we are accustomed, one can really appreciate the one-off artisanship of pyrotechnics at its best. So, it makes sense in the San Sebastian countryside town of Hernani, there is the Chillida Leku sculpture garden celebrating a Basque artist, Eduardo Chillida. A friend and fervent international traveler, Harriet Rubin, first mentioned this museum to me. Like a new vocabulary word, it immediately appeared in the Wall Street Journal as a museum to visit while abroad. Accustomed to the size and scale of the fabulous Nasher Sculpture Center, I was thinking the Chillida museum would be of a similar scale and what a fabulous surprise to find Chillida sculpture spread out over 25 glorious acres and surrounded by countryside. Now, it is my turn to recommend that you visit this Chillida Leku garden and museum also. *Basque Sculpture
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House of Fashion

The first house of fashion I supported as a child was that of French designer Rene Lacoste. How can a child not enjoy the glorious colors and full piqué weave of a Lacoste three-button shirt. Every so often I am called to take a pilgrimage to Rene Lacoste’s house, fittingly next to the Chantaco Golf Club where his daughter, the US Open champion, is also celebrated. I enjoy honoring his fashion instincts and legacy. My lifetime fondness for his shirts with the crocodile are just like his house—sturdy, understated, with a pleasing palette. Now, every year, I add to my Lacoste fashion repertoire by also going to Espadrilles par Nicole Paries and purchasing a few pair of espadrilles, selected with the help of fashion consultant @Catherin_Mathilde, including these pictured in Basque red. *House of Fashion
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Chef-Owned Restaurant

Mr. Melios, who you will see when you slide through, cooks with love, pride, and professionalism to create joy for his diners. Char Bar spans my entire memory of Greenville Ave. since SMU. In my early years with still a posh suburban sensibility, dragged there by friends in the wee hours of the morning, surrounded by a crowd that might be awake at 3:00 a.m., I was not particularly impressed. What a difference decades later makes, visiting with greater insights, at 3:00 p.m. rather than 3:00 a.m. Now, the even greater layers of patina feel like Dallas history has been richly varnished in place. Char Bar exudes a straightforward honesty that is so rare today. Really inspiring was how good the food was! The grilled cheese with tomatoes and pickles was even better than those at the old Highland Park pharmacy. I asked that the bacon be burned on my BLT— don’t be bashful, the chef smiled, “I will turn up the heat on the griddle.” The chef visited my table and had a satisfied smile when I said I loved it. Here is a chef/owner, after almost 50 years still cares. Never mentioned was the Sept. 22 closing. Expressing my pleasure, he said he always strove for quality and joy that comes from good food. Did I mention a meal at Char Bar costs less than my espresso in the morning? He mentioned his son, a chef, is the general manager of an upscale Dallas restaurant. My father once told me one could not learn to be a farmer in ag school but needed to grow up on a farm. I mentioned in the same way, a restaurant manager needs to grow up in a kitchen. Mr. Melios smiled and said I was exactly right. Greenville Ave. since college was my walking or biking route to SMU. The sparsely attended but raw nightlife made the journey interesting—an open daytime strip club was across the street from The Grape. Greenville Ave evolved, gyrating from bad, better, worse, improved—Char Bar was a buoyant landmark in every era. *Chef-Owned Restaurant
@MeliosBrosCharBar #GreenvilleAve #CharBar #CharBarDallas #Dallas #LowerGreenville #DallasNeighborhood #ChefOwned #DallasHistory

Entrance Bench

A cast stone park bench under a tree canopy was positioned in the front yard of the home I purchased the year I graduated from SMU. In a neighborhood of similar-looking early 20th century homes, the park bench was distinct and inviting. I purchased the home with all of its contents except for the personal effects of the elderly owner. This included all the furniture, pots, pans, and even the icepick hanging on the bedroom door for protection. The contents were much appreciated as I was moving from a college apartment on Rosedale. But the seller insisted on taking the park bench. Maybe that is the reason I have such a soft spot for entry benches like this one by the front door of a White Rock Lake home. Benches are a welcoming symbol of the home and neighborhood. *Entrance Bench
#ParkBench #EntryBench #Dallas #Welcome #Landscape #Architecture #DallasNeighborhood

Motion Passes – Pegasus Sells

From my suggesting the name Pegasus for the bank as it was being formed, to making the motion to accept the results of the shareholder vote to sell the bank, this investment has had a sentimental appeal to me. The sale also represents an evolution of Dallas and the closing of a circle of longstanding banking relationships with Joe Goyne. I first met Joe at a Christmas party of architect Michael Brown on Swiss Avenue when I had just started graduate school at SMU. Joe suggested I look under my mattress, empty the pillowcases, and look in all my pockets to pull together some money to open an account at Grand Bank. I did just that. At the bank when I emptied all my pockets holding various denominations and types of currency, checks, and remittances, it made a mound on his desk. He immediately called in the other bank officers to take a look. Since then, Joe Goyne, who started as a teller at Lakewood Bank, became President of Grand Bank, Vice Chairman of Comerica Bank, started Lone Star Bank, and then founded his last venture, Pegasus Bank. Along the way has been the creation of a historic district, building the first two new houses in Munger Place after it became a historic district, a Restoration House of the Year Award and many other shared civic ventures that we worked on together. Congratulations to Joe, the officers and staff, and other shareholders for a successful sale. Wishing Joe continued success as a banker working for the new out-of-state bank. *Motion Passes – Pegasus Sells
#PegasusBank #Pegasus #JoeGoyne #Bank #DallasBank #Dallas #DallasNeighborhood #DallasHistory #PegasusSale #Banker

Neighborhood Modern

This neighborhood modern home is in contrast to the proliferation of builder modern spec homes that are more about modern ornamentation than good design. This modern home in a neighborhood of renovated cottages is respectful of the setbacks, the scale is pleasing, and the front façade also has a hint of an Old East Dallas Airplane Bungalow. Even at a glance, it is easy to identify this as an architect-designed home. *Neighborhood Modern
#Dallas #Architect #Architecture #LakewoodHills #Dallas Neighborhood #EastDallas #SantaFeTrail #UrbanHome #NeighborhoodModern #Design #PathToTrinityGroves

Will Murchison Makes Impact

The late John McElroy, an artist who became Chair of the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU once told me that many of his best graduate art students had undergraduate engineering degrees. He encouraged those with a less formal art background and then watched them as their work often exceeded the success of those with the traditional art trajectory. It was immensely satisfying to see at the Erin Cluley Gallery the work of Will Murchison, who has more recently dedicated himself to art. His work held up well in the summer show at the Erin Cluley Gallery, and made a definite impact on those who came to see the art exhibited at the coordinated openings of many galleries in the Design District and across Dallas. Will Murchison exhibit pieces exuded passion, point of view, and a deft use of color. Dallas is fortunate to have the number of excellent galleries, accomplished and recognized artists, and emerging artists that make Dallas a vibrant city of artists and collectors. *Will Murchison Makes Impact
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#DallasNeighborhood #Painting #Design

European Interpretation

Often when in Europe, I see homes that offer a delightful surprise. Just as some modern homes have living spaces linked by outside pavilions and European homes might have an auxiliary cottage close by, the central corridor of this home is covered by the second story but is open at both ends. This open corridor allows one from the wrought iron front gated door to see through the house to the garden, park, and White Rock Lake. Proceeding through this open corridor, doors facing each other, one opens to the main living areas and bedrooms, and the opposite door opens to additional living spaces and two guest bedrooms. Wraparound terraces, porches, balcony porches, and second floor terraces link the primary spaces of the home with the guest spaces. These balconies and terraces also provide spectacular views of the park and White Rock Lake. These views are shared by the informal and formal living rooms and bedrooms. This design allows a neighborhood home to become a home removed from the neighborhood with only views of trees, parks, and the lake. It is fun to see a home on .5 acres that has an environment one would associate with several acres and one that would cost several million dollars more. *European Interpretation
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Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.